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Seamly Spring Collection 2018 | Spring 2018 Collection
Moto Sweatshirt | Spring Collection

Moto Sweatshirt


A knit sweatshirt jacket with an asymmetrical zipper and hand pockets. The cowl collar provides cozy warmth in cold temps.

No Sweat Pants | Spring Collection

No Sweat Pants


Leggings meet joggers in this loungewear design. Slanted pockets provide a place to stash the essentials.

Jersey Popover | Spring Collection

Jersey Popover


An easy-wearing knit collared top with cuffs and a partial placket. Office appropriate with pajama-like comfort.

Buy the Bundle | Spring Collection

Buy the Bundle


This athleisure-inspired collection contains three cozy silhouettes. Save 25% when you buy the full collection!

Get the Fabric | Spring Collection

Get the Fabric

starting at $12/yard

Love one of the fabrics you see here? We’ve stocked them all so that you can create your own Seamly spring wardrobe.

Zipper Kits | Spring Collection

Zipper Kits

$8.00 each

Worried about finding the perfect zippers for your Moto Sweatshirt? We’ve got zipper kits in just the right size.