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How to Sew a Simple Summer Scarf

I’ve recently developed an emotional death-grip on my scarf wearing habit. A sort of dependency on rectangles of fabric worn around my neck, if you will. Wearing scarves makes me happy, they balance out my narrow shoulders and I feel good wearing them.   So there’s no way I’m going to let a little hot weather get between me and my scarves. Summer scarves are my new thing, as evidenced by every . . .

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How to Add a Strapless Bodice to your Bridgetown | How to Add a Strapless Bodice to the Bridgetown Dress

When we first signed on Portland-based designer,  Sew House Seven , I was most excited about the Bridgetown Backless Dress . I loved the easy design and I knew it would be a hit with beginner sewists. As a swimsuit coverup, this pattern was a home-run for me. I knew it was bound for the Indiesew Summer Collection .     So I spent a few days thinking about how I could make the Bridgetown Backless . . .

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How to Raise the Neckline of Your Ella Top

How to Raise the Neckline of Your Ella Top |

I’m a basics girl. If there’s anything that Me Made May has taught me, it’s that I gravitate towards easy sewing patterns that I can make again and again. The Ella Top  is that sewing pattern. Its relaxed fit and racerback design make it a top that you can easily dress or up down. Plus, it’s the perfect for layering.   I’ve sewn a few Ella Tops for the 2015 Summer Collection . And long before . . .

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How to Use Copy Shop Files

How to Use Copy Shop Files |

Happy Friday friends and happy Fashion Revolution Day ! Today is a good day to sit down at your sewing machine and spend some quality time just making stuff. Today we have a great tutorial to help your sewing sessions become just a little bit easier. Today we’re showing you how to use copy shop files, so you can spend less time printing and taping, and more time sewing!   Let’s back up for the . . .

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How to Sew Better Elastic Waistbands

How to Sew Better Elastic Waistbands |

If you’ve sewn a single stitch in your lifetime, you’ve probably encountered an elastic waistband. Elastic waistbands are often seen in kid's and beginner women’s sewing patterns. Because there’s no fitting required, elastic waistbands work for most body types. And they’re comfortable. Plus, they’re relatively easy to insert into a garment!   I say relatively easy, because there are a few key . . .

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How To Sew French Seams

How to Sew French Seams |

The sun is shining and it's over 70 degrees here in Colorado. I've got flowy spring tops and dresses constantly on my mind. I thought today's tutorial would be a good one for those getting their handmade wardrobe ready for the warming weather. Because there's nothing better than a French seam in a handmade dress. Nothing.   What is a French Seam? A French seam is a double seam that encases the . . .

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How to Make and Sew with Piping

How to Make and Sew with Piping |

Piping is the new pom pom fringe. I’m sure of it. There’s something about this simple trim that adds such a look of sophistication to handmade clutches, dresses and pants. Plus, piping lets you use contrasting fabrics while keeping your garments looking professional. Piping can be scary for new sewists. But it's not! Today we’re taking an in-depth look at piping and the options for sewing with . . .

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How to Sew a Slouchy Seafarer

How to Sew a Slouchy Seafarer Top |

For every collection we launch I spend hours upon hours pouring over which patterns to include. There are several elements I like to see in each grouping of patterns that I hope appeal to most garment sewists. One thing I always try to incorporate are a few versatile knit sewing patterns.   For the 2015 Spring Collection , I knew the Seafarer Top  would be a great addition to every sewist’s . . .

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