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Two Ways to Hem the Laurelhurst Cardigan

Indiesew Sewing Tutorials | How to Hem the Laurelhurst Cardigan

When I first started sewing with knits, I was perplexed by how to hem these stretchy garments. In fact, for a long time, I steered clear of knit garments that didn’t have banded hems, simply because I couldn’t figure out how to achieve a crisp hem with stretchy fabric. But over time and with a lot of practice, I found a few methods for hemming knit garments that work well for me. When I decided . . .

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How to Upsize the London Backpack

Indiesew Fall Collection | How to Upsize the London Backpack

When I first laid eyes on the London Backpack , I was smitten with its simple design. The contrasting flap and drawstring closure remind me of wool backpacks I’ve been seeing all over Pinterest. And since Vanessa, designer at LBG Studio , was the brains behind this design I knew the construction would be top notch. So it didn’t take long for me to choose this pattern as the accessory for the 2015 . . .

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Double Fold Hems Video Tutorial + A Collection Sale!

Tips and Tricks for Better Double Fold Hems | Indiesew + Sew Mama Sew

For months we’ve been gearing up to bring you Indiesew video tutorials. We still don’t have the perfect space or all of the right equipment, but we’ve started honing our video editing skills. Today, we launched our first ever video tutorial over on Sew Mama Sew !  If you’re a beginner sewist or just want to learn a few tricks on a standby sewing technique, this video is for you. Head on over to . . .

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How to Source Swimwear Sewing Supplies

How to Source Swimwear Sewing Supplies | Indiesew Blog

Until this past year, I had no idea how to buy swimsuit fabric. I didn’t know the difference between swimwear elastic and regular elastic. And not once had I considered sewing with boning.   Five swimsuits later, I feel more confident about how to source all of the odds and ends required to sew a bathing suit. Swimwear fabrics and supplies are still limited in the sewing world, but with a little . . .

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How to Sew Elastic into Swimwear

Indiesew Tutorials | How to Sew Elastic into Swimwear

Sewing your own swimwear is daunting to some sewists, and a total thrill to others. And for most, it’s often a completely new experience. Sewing with ultra stretchy fabric, linings, clasps, and swimwear elastic is nothing like sewing up a flowy summer blouse. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. But sewing your own bathing suit doesn’t have to be scary.   First, it’s important to understand that . . .

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Five Tips for Better Darts | Five Tips for Better Darts

Nearly every fitted sewing pattern has them. And for some sewists, they're the bane of their sewing hobby. Darts allow extra fabric to shape smoothly over busts and butts. And while mostly straightforward, darts can cause frustration if not sewn correctly. Today, I’m sharing a few tips to get nearly invisible darts on every garment you sew!   For this demonstration I’ll be sewing a bust dart into . . .

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Five Cutting Tools Every Sewist Should Own | Five Cutting Tools Every Sewist Should Own

I often take for granted that my love for sewing is due, in large part, to my mom’s enthusiasm for the hobby. She’s been sewing most of her life, and her hobby has ranged from sewing doll clothes, to tailored garments, and now to art quilting. She’s a walking sewing encyclopedia and she's often the first place I start my research for any given blog topic.   Having such a fantastic resource means . . .

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Ten Tips for a More Functional Sewing Space | Ten Tips for a More Functional Sewing Space

UPDATE: This post was written in 2015, and though Indiesew HQ has moved several times since then the guidelines in this post still hold true for how we go about designing our sewing space. In fact, this post has become our most popular blog post on the Indiesew blog! For some time now, I’ve wanted to give you a peek at Indiesew HQ and where I spend my time sewing, blogging and writing emails. But . . .

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