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How to Sew the Matcha Top Collar | How to Sew the Matcha Top Collar

Since we launched the  2017 Fall/Winter Collection  it's clear that the  Matcha Top is a crowd favorite. This boxy design by Sew Liberated has a flattering gathered neckline with a mandarin-inspired collar. The collar is designed to lay flat against the neckline and really highlights your collar bone and frames your face. It's a lovely detail we haven't seen in other designs. And because the . . .

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How to Distress Your Jeans

Indiesew Tutorials | How to Distress Jeans

For the past few weeks I've been playing with water-to-bleach ratios and sandpaper. I've been hoarding my boyfriend's Dremel tool and purposely cutting holes into my jeans, all in the name of research. Today, we're launching a new segment of the Sew Your Favorite Jeans Workshop ! The Distressing Your Jeans segment has five parts with very detailed instructions on how to achieve a more worn-in . . .

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The Sew Your Favorite Jeans Workshop is here! | Sew Your Favorite Jeans Workshop

It’s been many, many hours in the making but we’re so excited to launch our newest project! The Sew Your Favorite Jeans Workshop  is now available and it’s on sale! For the next two weeks get the workshop for $49, more than 15% off the normal price of $59. Maybe you’re wondering what this workshop is all about? Well, first watch this: The Sew Your Favorite Jeans Workshop will help you bring your . . .

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How to Attach Jeans Buttons and Rivets

Indiesew Tutorials | How to Install Jeans Buttons and Rivets

We often get questions about how to attach the jeans buttons and metal rivets that come in our DIY Jeans Hardware Kits . In the process of filming our Sew Your Favorite Jeans Class (coming very soon!), we decided to record a short how-to video for jeans hardware! Enjoy! In this video, we use the following equipment: DIY Jeans Hardware Kit A steel jeweler's bench A hammer Sharp pointed thread . . .

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How to Make a Fringe Scarf

DIY Fringe Scarf | Indiesew Blog

If you’re brand new to sewing, in a sewing rut, or waiting on your serger in the repair shop, we have the perfect project for you! This tutorial is probably the easiest and quickest one we’ve shared on the Indiesew blog (check out all of our tutorials here ). And, for me, it’s the most satisfying. You see, in the winter, I wear scarves all the time. I don't knit, so I’m always dreaming up new . . .

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How to Sew Knit Bindings (With Less Bulk!)

How to Sew Knit Bindings (With Less Bulk!) | Indiesew Blog

Do you own a store-bought top with neckline or armhole bindings? Take a closer look. Aren’t the bindings pretty, so perfectly stitched down? If you’ve ever applied your own knit bindings you’re likely aware how difficult it is to achieve that same level of finish. Bindings are bulky, fiddly, and just plain tough to sew neatly. This is the reason why many knit garments feature knit bands  over . . .

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How to Choose the Right Fabric for your Seamly Garments

Seamly Summer Collection | How to Choose the Right Fabric

It’s often said that fabric choice makes all the difference when sewing garments, and I think that most of us inherently understand that. Generally, we know that quilting cottons do not have the same drape as rayon challis. We’re aware that a structured jacket cannot be sewn in a slippery crepe.  But for knit fabrics, I’ve found that it’s a bit more confusing to know what substrate is best suited . . .

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How to Add an Elastic Waist to the Rushcutter

How to Add an Elastic Waist to the Rushcutter (or any A-line Dress!)

I love that current fashion trends are teetering toward a more relaxed fit these days. Wide-legged pants, A-line dresses, and boxy tops are not only comfortable, but also versatile and flattering. Plus, they’re relatively quick and easy to sew! And The Rushcutter  by In the Folds is no exception. After I sewed the double-sided cotton version for the 2016 Spring Collection , I was eager to sew . . .

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