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It’s been a very introspective couple of weeks for me. With long drives and lots of quiet time, I've recently been able to think more about how I want to live. About what I want to share with the world and how, without a doubt, sewing has to be front and center. About how to feel productive, and get shit done. I want to make waves in the sewing world, without overturning anyone’s boat. It’s . . .

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Shorts on the Line

Shorts on the Line | Indiesew Blog

After eleven days in a dusty cow pasture, I’m back to Indiesew, but not yet back to my sewing machine and serger. I’m still in Montana, but excited to get back to Colorado. The Red Ants Pants Music Festival was a huge success, but my heart is yearning for some good old fashioned creating. Today a blog post will have to suffice. There is the occasional summer where I tend to reach for shorts over . . .

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A Brief History of Garment Sewing

20th century garment factory |

Source Just how, you ask, do we kick off this sewing revolution we call Indiesew? Well, we need to start at the very beginning. To fully understand the art of sewing, how it came to be and how we arrived at the current state of things we're going to have to back wayyyy up. I promise this will be fun. Sewing has been around almost as long as humans. Yes, seriously. Cavemen used bone sewing needles . . .

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