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Indiesew's 2015 Handmade Gifting Guide

Indiesew | 2015 Holiday Handmade Gifting Guide

My typical holiday gifting M.O. is to start thinking about Christmas gifts around December 1st. On December 10th I start gathering supplies with lofty hopes of making every gift by hand. And by December 15th I’ve abandoned 90% of my handmade gifting plans and have braved the shopping crowds. But this holiday season has been an unusual one in our household. My guy and I started planning AND making . . .

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Introducing Fabric Batch #005: Lumberjill

Indiesew Fabric Batch | Lumberjill

After the summer of no air conditioning, I’m truly enjoying the cold temperatures Colorado has been delivering. We’re cheap, so we keep our house thermostat around 58 degrees. I pack all of your fabric and pattern orders in an unheated, unattached garage. So my motto this winter has been “layer up.” And plaid flannels have the perfect fabric to get the job done. Not to mention, I feel like a . . .

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Fabric Batch #003: Birch

Indiesew Fabric Batch #003: Birch

I had a yearlong stint in high school where I really loved to wear all brown things, but besides that brief obsession, earth tones haven’t really been my jam. I tend to prefer dark, saturated colors and neutrals. And I could wear grey seven days a week. But then I sourced the five fabrics that make up our newest fabric batch and I may, in fact, be an earth-tones convert. Birch, our third fabric . . .

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Top Five Blouse Patterns for Fall 2015 | Top Five Blouse Patterns for Fall 2015

I’m convinced that loose, flowing blouses are made for chilly weather and layering. Paired with favorite blue jeans and worn under a lightweight fall jacket, these wardrobe basics are both comfortable and easy to wear.  And they’re fun to sew! Often positioned somewhere between an advanced beginner and an intermediate sewing level, blouse sewing patterns give you the chance to practice techniques . . .

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Fall 2015 Selfish Sewing Week Round-up

Fall 2015 Selfish Sewing Week | Blogger Round-up

As another season of Selfish Sewing Week comes to an end, I am officially full up on sewing inspiration to last me another six months. Fall 2015 Selfish Sewing week was one for the books, with twenty-three bloggers bringing us daily selfish sewing inspiration for an entire week. Rachael  and I are, once again, totally floored with your creativity and productivity! So let's just get a quick recap . . .

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Selfish Sewing Week: The Doing Things Blog

Selfish Sewing Week | Tori from The Doing Things Blog

I am so excited to be a part of Selfish Sewing Week! When I was looking through all of the fabulous patterns on Indiesew, I had to make a list because they were all so good!    I decided to go with  The Union St. Tee  because you can do so many things with it! You can make it a round or v-neck, and it has three different sleeve lengths. It is such a great basic pattern for any t-shirt you want to . . .

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Selfish Sewing Week: Knitty Bitties

Selfish Sewing Week | Andrea of Knitty Bitties

Hello and Happy Friday! Today's theme is maternity. With just about 8 weeks left in my pregnancy, I'm definitely wearing primarily maternity clothes. With such a small selection of maternity options available + the short amount of time you wear maternity clothes, creating a handmade wardrobe is an excellent choice! I decided to try the Mercer Tunic based primarily on the fact that it's designer, . . .

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Selfish Sewing Week Guest Blogger: Sew DIY

Selfish Sewing Week | Sew DIY

Hi there sewing friends! I ’ m so excited to be a part of Selfish Sewing Week. For today ’ s theme of Fall Dresses, I decided to make the Inari Tee  dress. I ’ ve been looking to revamp my work wardrobe and I love the ease of throwing on a dress and running out the door.  The Inari Tee Dress by Named Patterns is a very easy to make cocoon style dress with cuffed short sleeves and side seams that . . .

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