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Check out the Lonetree Testers!

Lonetree Jacket and Vest | Tester Photos

The Lonetree Jacket and Vest  simply wouldn’t exist without the help of some amazing women. Our lovely testers spent many hours proofreading, sewing, and offering excellent feedback for my first solo design. I’m always a little embarrassed by the typos I overlook before I send it to them, and inevitably there are some drafting changes that need to be made. But I cannot imagine releasing a pattern . . .

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The Wrapped Cardigan Video | The Wrapped Cardigan Video

A few weeks ago, my dear friend Kristin Glenn (founder of Seamly ) stayed with me for a night in Boulder. Kristin and I have been collaborating on a big project to digitize all of her ethical designs before they go out of production. (Big things are coming for Seamly!) The collaboration has been a wonderful project and challenging in the best way possible. And Kristin is also an incredibly . . .

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Seamly Summer Collection Blog Tour Roundup | Seamly Summer Collection Blog Tour Roundup\

Two weeks ago we launched the 2016 Seamly Summer Collection , which was followed by one rather epic blog tour. Nine sewing bloggers created their own versions of the Vallynne Tank ,  Basic Tee , and Wrapped Cardigan . We saw just how versatile these patterns are as these women hacked and styled them to suit their taste. One thing became very clear: these knit garments are as flattering as they . . .

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Top Five Knit Tee Patterns for Spring 2016 | Top Five Knit Tee Patterns for Spring 2016

A knit tee can transition from a casual Saturday at home to drinks on the town without a hitch. Comfortable and versatile, knit tees are typically quick, satisfying sewing projects. In fact, once I’ve nailed down a well-fitting knit tee pattern I typically make three or four, assembly-line style. They get worn nearly every day: to my garden plot, to work, and also to bed. A knit tee is, without a . . .

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My Handmade Month: March 2016

My Handmade Month: 30 Days of DIY Wardrobe Inspiration

Old habits die hard. That’s my theme of My Handmade Month: March 2016. It was a month full of ups and downs: a broken toe that will not heal, my 30th birthday, a killer flu bug, and a family trip to see my 102-year-old grandma. It was a busy month that ended in a huge sale and one epic giveaway . And because of all the flurry of activity and forced downtime, my old habits crept back in. If you’re . . .

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Introducing Fabric Batch #008: Nightfall

Indiesew Fabric Batch #008: Nightfall

Have you ever spent a night in the desert? Have you experienced the warm, rusty glow of the sun as it dips below the horizon? Have you felt the cool desert air slip over your body as white tinkling stars dot a jet black sky? Nighttime in the desert is magical, mysterious, and entirely enveloping. Our newest fabric batch, Nightfall, is inspired by that experience. Five new apparel fabrics are here . . .

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The New and Improved Lane Raglan

Indiesew Blog | See how the Lane Raglan got a facelift!

One of Indiesew’s most popular patterns has undergone a facelift! Adrianna, the brains behind Hey June sewing patterns , re-released the Lane Raglan  recently with some major bonus features and a brand new fit. This pattern has been a standby in my closet for many reasons: it sews up in a snap, it’s a versatile silhouette, and (perhaps the most important) it’s comfortable. So it was hard to . . .

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2016 Spring Collection Blog Tour Roundup | 2016 Spring Collection Blog Tour

I have never felt more inspired, more creative, and more ready to overhaul my handmade wardrobe than I do at this very moment. And it's all because of these nine women. Nine sewing bloggers and pattern designers joined the 2016 Spring Collection  Blog Tour and sewed the most impressive garments I've seen yet. They injected a healthy does of personal style into their garments and created pieces . . .

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