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Fall Selfish Sewing Week: My Dress Alterations + Selfish Sewing Week | My Dress Alterations

Selfish Sewing Week wrapped up last Sunday but I still have yet to show you my last selfish sewing project, and by far my favorite. I told you all that I’d be making alterations to my too-big My Dress last Monday. I was planning on having photos of the newly-fitted, cobalt blue beauty up on the blog mid last week. Yep, that was the plan. Of course, it didn’t go that way. But after a busy weekend . . .

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Fall Selfish Sewing Week: Scarves and Cowls

Selfish Sewing Week and Indiesew | Scarves and Cowls

It’s been a productive, crazy week, folks. Yes, a fair amount of selfish sewing has taken place, but so has a lot of errand running, standing in line at the post office, and taking photos far too late into the night. TGIF. And I can tell it’s going to be a wonderful weekend. What Selfish Sewing projects were completed this week? Well, there was a lot of scarf and cowl sewing time, as promised. . . .

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Fall Selfish Sewing Week: DIY Yoga Bag

Indiesew + Selfish Sewing Week | DIY Yoga Bag

The first three days of Selfish Sewing Week have been wonderfully self-indulgent. While my guy is out of town, I’ve taken full advantage of the freedom to be as messy with my sewing as possible. This means there’s an abundance of fabric on the kitchen island (my favorite cutting space), several garments draped over his office chair, and the photo studio is definitely NOT getting put away until . . .

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Fall Selfish Sewing Week: Plans | Selfish Sewing Week Plans

I was delighted to find out a few weeks ago that Selfish Sewing Week was rapidly approaching. Like many of you, I rarely sew anything other than women’s garments, but I wouldn’t call my sewing entirely selfish. Yes, most of the samples you see in the Indiesew shop are sewn up in a size that fits me, and often they do get integrated into my daily wardrobe. But many of them get sent back to our . . .

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Fall Collection Blog Tour Roundup Part 2 (and Another Giveaway Winner!) | Fall Collection Blog Tour Roundup Part 2

Today wraps up our two-week Indiesew Fall Collection Blog Tour. It’s been, well, inspirational, to say the least. Nine sewing bloggers have taken full creative license to make patterns from the Fall Collection completely theirs . Browsing through their photos is giving me so many great sewing ideas, that I’m having a hard time keeping them straight in my head. Luckily, we’ve pinned them all for . . .

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Six Ways to Customize Your Lane Raglan

Six Ways to Customize your Lane Raglan |

Just a quick reminder! Don’t forget to enter the Indiesew Fall Collection Giveaway . You have a chance to win six autumn patterns that mix and match to make a wardrobe (a $45 value!). It feels a bit odd talking about the Indiesew Fall Collection today, because here in Boulder, CO it’s full on winter. Wet, stinging snow. Below freezing temps. The whole nine yards. It’s weather fit for wool . . .

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How to Lower the Rise of Your Leggings

How to Lower the Rise of Your Leggings |

I’m glad we cleared the air last week. That topic of modifying patterns? It can be a tough one to navigate. But just like ready-to-wear fashion often doesn’t fit off the rack, patterns don’t always either. As soon as you settle into your sewing hobby, you’ll find that modifying patterns to suit your taste or to enhance the fit will become second nature. In fact, it will become fun . Soon, you’ll . . .

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Fall Collection Blog Tour Roundup Part I (and Giveaway Winner!) | Fall Collection Blog Tour Roundup

In just six days we’ve had an astonishing response to the Indiesew Fall Collection launch. Thanks for all the love, people! Last Tuesday, the lovely Merrick kicked off the Indiesew Fall Collection Blog Tour that will extend into this week, and she hosted a giveaway for one lucky reader to win the entire Fall Collection Bundle (a $45 value)! Just sit tight, folks. The winner will be announced at . . .

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