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Top Five Blouse Patterns for Fall 2015 | Top Five Blouse Patterns for Fall 2015

I’m convinced that loose, flowing blouses are made for chilly weather and layering. Paired with favorite blue jeans and worn under a lightweight fall jacket, these wardrobe basics are both comfortable and easy to wear.  And they’re fun to sew! Often positioned somewhere between an advanced beginner and an intermediate sewing level, blouse sewing patterns give you the chance to practice techniques . . .

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Four Tips for Serging Bulky Knit Fabrics | Four Tips for Serging Bulky Knit Fabrics

At my family’s sewing reunion this summer, my sister ran into a sewing hurdle I couldn’t begin to help her with. She’s an experienced sewist, especially when it comes to knits, but serging the seams of her Lane Raglan  just wasn’t working. She was using a lovely, soft French terry  she purchased from The Fabric Store on our first trip to LA together. It was a thick knit fabric with a lovely . . .

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Fabric Batch #002: Checkered

Indiesew Fabric Batch #002: Checkered

As I write this post I’m cuddled into a comfy chair beside a warm fire wearing my favorite sweatpants. The weather here in Boulder has finally dipped into what feels appropriate for mid-October temperatures, and today’s fabric batch is perfect for a cold-weather handmade wardrobe. On my last trip to LA, one of my fabric goals was to source a nice selection of plaid fabrics. Plaid garments are . . .

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Aztec Inspired Eleanor + a Cardigan Pattern Sale! | Aztec Inspired Eleanor Cardigan

UPDATE: If you ordered this fabric please read my updated note about fabric stretch below. Last week we launched our first every fabric batch, Azteca . Within a mere five hours, most of the fabric had sold out and by day’s end all but one print was gone. Nearly 100 yards of fabric were snatched up in record time. I want to sincerely thank you all for your support and enthusiasm for our fabric. I . . .

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Fabric Batch #001: Azteca

Indiesew Fabric Shop | Batch #001: Azteca

If it's not clear by now, I have an almost unhealthy obsession with curating little sets of things. And my favorite outlet for this addiction is rounding up collections of sewing patterns  that create a cohesive seasonal wardrobe. I cannot and will not stop doing that. Ever.  But, you see, the problem with feeding an unhealthy obsession is that it only becomes stronger. So strong, in fact, that . . .

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Fall 2015 Selfish Sewing Week Round-up

Fall 2015 Selfish Sewing Week | Blogger Round-up

As another season of Selfish Sewing Week comes to an end, I am officially full up on sewing inspiration to last me another six months. Fall 2015 Selfish Sewing week was one for the books, with twenty-three bloggers bringing us daily selfish sewing inspiration for an entire week. Rachael  and I are, once again, totally floored with your creativity and productivity! So let's just get a quick recap . . .

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Selfish Sewing Week: The Doing Things Blog

Selfish Sewing Week | Tori from The Doing Things Blog

I am so excited to be a part of Selfish Sewing Week! When I was looking through all of the fabulous patterns on Indiesew, I had to make a list because they were all so good!    I decided to go with  The Union St. Tee  because you can do so many things with it! You can make it a round or v-neck, and it has three different sleeve lengths. It is such a great basic pattern for any t-shirt you want to . . .

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Selfish Sewing Week: Knitty Bitties

Selfish Sewing Week | Andrea of Knitty Bitties

Hello and Happy Friday! Today's theme is maternity. With just about 8 weeks left in my pregnancy, I'm definitely wearing primarily maternity clothes. With such a small selection of maternity options available + the short amount of time you wear maternity clothes, creating a handmade wardrobe is an excellent choice! I decided to try the Mercer Tunic based primarily on the fact that it's designer, . . .

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