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It's Coram Week! | Coram Top and Dress Week

Late last week, we launched the  Coram Top and Dress sewing pattern in paper format! This is my third solo design and second printed sewing pattern. It still feels totally surreal to see boxes upon boxes full of shiny envelopes with printed tissue inside. In fact, it's a total trip. So to celebrate this momentous occasion, we're celebrating the Coram Top and Dress this week! We've got five sewing . . .

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How We Wear It: Lane Raglan Midi Dress | How We Wear It: Lane Raglan Midi Dress

When I need a quick palette-cleanser sewing project, I tend to reach for the same few sewing patterns. One of those is the  Lane Raglan , which also happens to be one of our all-time bestselling patterns . This spring, after sewing  so many Moto Sweatshirts , I set to work on a project that I knew would bring me a bit of instant gratification. And it was one that has been on my mind for a few . . .

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How to Sew a Lonetree Rain Jacket | How to Sew a Lonetree Rain Jacket

Last week  we showed you how we wear our Lonetree Rain Jacket. This week we're showing you how to sew it! This project is a pattern hack on my  Lonetree Jacket sewing pattern and is one of my most-worn makes.  The modifications for this project are not complex. I made no changes to the general fit of the jacket. Below are the changes I made that I'll lead you through below: Underlined the bodices . . .

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How We Wear It: Lonetree Rain Jacket | How We Wear It: Lonetree Rain Jacket

Last fall, in anticipation for my Thanksgiving trip to Portland, I sewed a Lonetree Rain Jacket (modified from the Lonetree Jacket sewing pattern ). As I documented my process in those short 15-second  Instagram story bursts, a tutorial on the process was requested over and over. I promised to deliver, but had as time passed lot of other conflicting ideas on how to approach this arose for me. In . . .

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