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2016 Spring Giveaway and Sitewide Sale | Spring Collection Giveaway and Sale

Last week I turned 30, and for the first time in my adult life I felt compelled to really celebrate a birthday. It feels exciting to be in my thirties now and it feels good to be running Indiesew for the second year, feeling more confident about where we’re headed. But I certainly wouldn’t feel this way without all of your love and support. So I want to say thank you.  I’m showing my endless . . .

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Introducing Fabric Batch #008: Nightfall

Indiesew Fabric Batch #008: Nightfall

Have you ever spent a night in the desert? Have you experienced the warm, rusty glow of the sun as it dips below the horizon? Have you felt the cool desert air slip over your body as white tinkling stars dot a jet black sky? Nighttime in the desert is magical, mysterious, and entirely enveloping. Our newest fabric batch, Nightfall, is inspired by that experience. Five new apparel fabrics are here . . .

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How to Add an Elastic Waist to the Rushcutter

How to Add an Elastic Waist to the Rushcutter (or any A-line Dress!)

I love that current fashion trends are teetering toward a more relaxed fit these days. Wide-legged pants, A-line dresses, and boxy tops are not only comfortable, but also versatile and flattering. Plus, they’re relatively quick and easy to sew! And The Rushcutter  by In the Folds is no exception. After I sewed the double-sided cotton version for the 2016 Spring Collection , I was eager to sew . . .

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The New and Improved Lane Raglan

Indiesew Blog | See how the Lane Raglan got a facelift!

One of Indiesew’s most popular patterns has undergone a facelift! Adrianna, the brains behind Hey June sewing patterns , re-released the Lane Raglan  recently with some major bonus features and a brand new fit. This pattern has been a standby in my closet for many reasons: it sews up in a snap, it’s a versatile silhouette, and (perhaps the most important) it’s comfortable. So it was hard to . . .

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My Handmade Month: February 2016

Building a handmade wardrobe | Indiesew blog

Last month I introduced the idea of finding joy in getting dressed . I’d felt firmly stuck at the bottom of a rut for the past few months, one that made it hard to get out of my sweats in the morning. I had closets full of beautiful handmade clothing, but I simply could not see the point of getting dressed.  So, to try to cure this lazy affliction, I defaulted to the only way I know to get myself . . .

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2016 Spring Collection Blog Tour Roundup | 2016 Spring Collection Blog Tour

I have never felt more inspired, more creative, and more ready to overhaul my handmade wardrobe than I do at this very moment. And it's all because of these nine women. Nine sewing bloggers and pattern designers joined the 2016 Spring Collection  Blog Tour and sewed the most impressive garments I've seen yet. They injected a healthy does of personal style into their garments and created pieces . . .

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Stretch Denim and Jeans Kits are Here!

Indiesew Fabric Shop | Handmade Jean Supplies

Last week, I hinted about stretch denim and jeans kits that would soon make their way into the Indiesew Fabric Shop. Well, today’s the day folks! All things relating to handmade dungarees have arrived!  The release of the Birkin Flares  sewing pattern ignited a tangible desire to sew jeans among the global sewing community. In my opinion, there's not another project that is as confidence-boosting . . .

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