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How We Wear It: Summertime Striped Beatrix Blouse

Striped Beatrix Blouse | Indiesew Blog

The summer solstice was just last week, but here it’s felt like full-on summer for at least a month. We’ve had a lot of sunshine and relentless 80 and 90 degree days and luckily, living in Colorado, not a lot of humidity. I currently have a lot of tank tops in my wardrobe but not a lot of short-sleeved summery tops that are nice for air-conditioned offices or a day that’s not quite so hot. I . . .

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Meet Kristin Glenn, Founder of Seamly

Meet Kristin Glenn, Seamly Founder | Indiesew Blog

Hello Indiesew followers! Today I have the total pleasure of introducing you to Kristin Glenn, the founder of Seamly  and a champion for ethical fashion. She’s been a constant source of inspiration to me, most notably in the mindful way she lives and works. Today she’s telling us how she got her start in fashion design and how Seamly was born. Check out the Seamly Summer Collection  to see her . . .

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Seamly Summer Collection Blog Tour Roundup | Seamly Summer Collection Blog Tour Roundup\

Two weeks ago we launched the 2016 Seamly Summer Collection , which was followed by one rather epic blog tour. Nine sewing bloggers created their own versions of the Vallynne Tank ,  Basic Tee , and Wrapped Cardigan . We saw just how versatile these patterns are as these women hacked and styled them to suit their taste. One thing became very clear: these knit garments are as flattering as they . . .

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How to Sew Knit Bindings (With Less Bulk!)

How to Sew Knit Bindings (With Less Bulk!) | Indiesew Blog

Do you own a store-bought top with neckline or armhole bindings? Take a closer look. Aren’t the bindings pretty, so perfectly stitched down? If you’ve ever applied your own knit bindings you’re likely aware how difficult it is to achieve that same level of finish. Bindings are bulky, fiddly, and just plain tough to sew neatly. This is the reason why many knit garments feature knit bands  over . . .

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How to Choose the Right Fabric for your Seamly Garments

Seamly Summer Collection | How to Choose the Right Fabric

It’s often said that fabric choice makes all the difference when sewing garments, and I think that most of us inherently understand that. Generally, we know that quilting cottons do not have the same drape as rayon challis. We’re aware that a structured jacket cannot be sewn in a slippery crepe.  But for knit fabrics, I’ve found that it’s a bit more confusing to know what substrate is best suited . . .

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Introducing the Seamly Summer Collection


If you've ever googled the words "ethical fashion" or "Made in the USA clothing," there's a good chance you've come across Seamly . Kristin Glenn, the founder, and I connected when Indiesew was young and she still lived in Denver. Someone had mentioned her name at a local networking event and I blindly emailed her to see if she wanted to meet in person. We met up and chatted about eco-friendly . . .

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Colorblocked Sleeveless Popover Archer


I don’t know about you, but for me it’s rare to not have my next sewing project lined up. Some of my projects are planned off of gaps in my wardrobe, but the majority of my projects are all inspiration based. I get inspiration from new pattern releases, items other people in the sewing community have made, ready to wear clothing, outfits in movies and television shows, and people watching. I am . . .

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