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The Five Best Irons for Garment Sewers | Five Best Irons for Garment Sewing

My hunt for a good iron has been a long one. Garment sewers have peculiar needs in an iron. We need something that can be kept on for hours at a time without burning out components. Steam pressure and control is of paramount importance. And longevity is key. I haven't yet found the perfect iron that embodies all of these traits, but I have found a handful of irons that are close. For me, these . . .

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July 2017 Creations Prize Package + Announcing the June Winner | July 2017 Creations Giveaway

Hello friends! We're smack dab in the middle of a hot, hot summer here in Colorado. I'm enjoying the slower pace that this season brings. And while I haven't found much time to sew (I have big plans for August, more on that below), I've been more inspired than ever browsing your creations . Keep 'em coming!   The June Winner Last month we gave away a copy of the newly released Highlands Wrap . . .

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Highlands Wrap Dress Updates | Highlands Wrap Dress Updates

The Highlands Wrap Dress  sewing pattern launched in April with our 2017 Spring/Summer Collection  and the response has been overwhelming! This design is near and dear to my heart because it’s the perfect embodiment of my favorite 70's-inspired silhouette. And I’m giddy every time I see one of you sew your own.  The most common feedback we’re getting? Many of you are loving the fit of the bodice . . .

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