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It's Sew Your Own Swimwear Week! | Sew Your Own Swimwear: An entire week celebrating handmade swimming suits!

Maybe you had high hopes of sewing your own swimsuit this summer. But it’s already August, the weather is beautiful, and your schedule is packed to the gills. You haven't had time to sit down and pick out a sewing pattern or source fabric and supplies. But each time you pull on those threadbare, see-through bathing suit bottoms, you know it’s time for some new swimmers.   I’m here to help. This . . .

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How We Wear It: A-Frame Skirt + Union St. Tee | How We Wear It: A-Frame Skirt + Union St. Tee

My favorite part of sewing my own clothing is the time spent dreaming up a vision for a garment. I can spend hours looking at clothing inspiration on Pinterest, picking out the perfect fabric, and deciding on the little modifications that will make angels sing when I slide the garment onto my body. It’s why I love curating our collections  so much. I get to do this for five garments, four times a . . .

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Meet the Designer: Kati Lovasz | Meet the Designer: Kati Lovasz from Kate & Rose Patterns

She's a Hungarian-born, NYC resident who designs beautiful old-world sewing patterns. But that's not all. Her stunning and intricate embroidery patterns adorn nearly every finished garment she makes. Her name is Kati Lovasz and she's one of Indiesew's very own designers. When I first learned of Kati, the designer of Kate & Rose sewing patterns , I was immediately drawn to the embroidery she . . .

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Five Tips for Better Darts | Five Tips for Better Darts

Nearly every fitted sewing pattern has them. And for some sewists, they're the bane of their sewing hobby. Darts allow extra fabric to shape smoothly over busts and butts. And while mostly straightforward, darts can cause frustration if not sewn correctly. Today, I’m sharing a few tips to get nearly invisible darts on every garment you sew!   For this demonstration I’ll be sewing a bust dart into . . .

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How We Wear It: Indigo Dyed Biscayne | How We Wear It: Indigo Dyed Biscayne Blouse

Last week, I dyed fabric and sewed garments for four glorious days straight. Then, I wrote a simple tutorial on how to indigo dye your own fabric . I talked about a few different shibori techniques my mom and sister used to dye fun geometric designs into their fabric. I also played around with dip dyeing and showed you the result of that. I’m missing every moment of those few creativity fueled . . .

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Fabric Files: French Terry

The Indiesew Fabric Files | French Terry Knit Fabric

It’s time for another installment of Fabric Files  and this month we’re taking a deep dive into a knit fabric that everyone loves. And while hot summer weather doesn’t exactly jive with a thick, cozy fabric, French Terry needs to be discussed. This substrate is the bee’s knees. Come September, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  Though sometimes hard to source, French Terry is the king of . . .

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How to Indigo Dye Fabric  | How to Indigo Dye Fabric Using Shibori Techniques

Last week I drove nearly 1,000 miles to my family’s cabin in northern Montana. I fought some serious drowsiness along the vast open stretches of I-25 through the entire state of Wyoming. But as the miles to Swan Lake, Montana decreased, I could fill my excitement shoot through the roof. I was headed home for a sewing weekend with my family. And this year, at my mom's suggestion, we decided to . . .

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Top Four Tank Top Sewing Patterns for 2015 | Top Four Tank Top Sewing Patterns for 2015

When my guy and I (and Indiesew HQ) moved to a spacious house last April, I didn’t think twice about the fact that it lacked air conditioning. Growing up in Montana and then living in Portland, air conditioning wasn't super necessary. So, I’ve never fully realized the benefit of this modern marvel. Until this summer.   And to add insult to injury, this summer seems hotter than any other . . .

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