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Coat Month: Sherri's Marmalade Jacket

Indiesew Coat Month | Sherri's Marmalade Jacket

Hi! I'm Sherri from  Thread Riding Hood , and I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to sew up a jacket for Coat Month. It's not likely it would have gotten to the top of my to-do list otherwise! This wonderful coat is the  Marmalade Jacket  (View B) from Waffle Patterns.     I am so proud of my final jacket and really happy with how it turned out. Looking back, it was a fun project, and I . . .

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Coat Month: Interfacing Basics for Tailored Coats

Indiesew Coat Month | Interfacing Basics for Tailored Coats

You've decided to make your first coat, but you're not sure where to start. Making a coat is more than just following the pattern instructions on how to construct the coat, but also knowing which areas need extra support and shaping.  There's nothing sadder looking than a floppy collar or lapel that won't lie flat.  When I made my first coat, my eyes were opened to the world of tailoring.  I like . . .

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Coat Month: Teresa's Evergreen Jacket

Indiesew Coat Month | Teresa's Evergreen Jacket

Hey there, Indiesew readers! It’s Teresa here, from Dandelion Drift ! I was thrilled when Allie asked me to add a little post over here about coats. I tackled my first coat, the Grainline Cascade Duffle Coat , this past summer while I was sewing away in the Super Online Sewing Match. I have to tell you: when I sewed the Cascade, I was terrified. I always thought coats were intimidating, with a . . .

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Coat Month: How to Create a Coat Muslin

Indiesew Tutorials | How to Sew a Coat Muslin

Sewing your own outerwear can be extremely satisfying, but it often requires a larger investment in time and supplies than your average garment. And it can be a total bummer when you've spent a good chunk of time and money on a garment that just doesn't fit well. For handmade outerwear, sewing a muslin is a crucial step in the process. A muslin (i.e. a test garment sewn out of inexpensive fabric) . . .

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Coat Month: Kimberly's Houndstooth Icon Coat

Kimberly's Icon Coat |

Hi everyone! I am Kimberly, the pattern designer and blogger at Straight Stitch Designs . I am so happy to be here today sharing with you during Coat Month . I was really quite thrilled when Allie asked me to participate, so thanks for having me! Once I knew I needed to sew something up for Coat Month, I immediately started scoping out all the great outerwear patterns that Indiesew carries. . . .

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Top Five Creations for Coat Month

Indiesew | Top Five Creations for Coat Month

Coat Month is in full swing here at Indiesew and we’re so excited to see your handmade outerwear enthusiasm. If you’ve had reservations about sewing coats and jackets, January is a great month to tackle this project. All month long we'll be providing the inspiration and tutorials you need to feel confident in your coat-making skills. If you’re sewing up a coat with us this month, don’t forget to . . .

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Fabric Files: Wool Melton

Indiesew Fabric Files | Wool Melton Coating Fabric

The Fabric Files are back! The Indiesew blog schedule was packed full these past few months and our Fabric Files series  has taken a back seat. But I’m so excited to bring it back for Coat Month !  I’ve found that coating fabrics are perhaps the most mysterious of all substrates. This installment of fabric files will focus on wool melton as a great option for tailored, handmade outerwear. Wool . . .

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It's Coat Month! | Handmade Coat Month

A new year has arrived and for many it’s chock full of new personal goals and aspirations. Many of you have resolved to sew more in 2016, and a few have goals of creating a mostly, handmade wardrobe. We want to help! We’re starting with Coat Month.  This is our first annual Coat Month and we have so much outerwear sewing inspiration in store for you. There's a sale, new fabrics and patterns, and . . .

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