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Karen's Silk Jade Dress | Karen’s Silk Jade Dress

(Karen used Indiesew's Red Geo Crepe Silk fabric  for this post) Do you ever have an “ah ha” moment, something Merriam-Webster defines as “a moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension”? A few weeks ago, a light came on and I realized that when it comes to sewing, my brain works like a combination lock. You know – like The Italian Job or similar movie where . . .

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How We Wear It: Rib Knit Monarch Jacket | Monarch Jacket | Allie Olson

For over a month now, we’ve had a super luxurious fabric sitting on our shelves that didn't translate well in flat photos. In the office, we’ve all been brainstorming what to sew in this  Heather Grey Stripe Rib Knit  to give you all a better idea of how this fabric drapes and moves.  Angie, our Marketing Director, mentioned that I should sew a  Monarch Jacket in it, something I hadn’t . . .

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Monarch Jacket Tester Roundup | Monarch Jacket | Allie Olson

I feel extremely lucky to have some of the best pattern testers around. For the Monarch Jacket , ten lovely ladies helped us test this design. They helped us perfect the fit, fix a grading issue, caught my typos, and overall improved the quality of this pattern by leaps and bounds. I couldn't release a pattern without their help. Below are photos of seven tester versions. After these were sewn . . .

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Kaylee’s Cropped Monarch Jacket | Monarch Jacket | Allie Olson | Cropped Jacket

I was beyond excited to test sew Allie Olson’s new  Monarch Jacket pattern. I just knew that I would get a ton of wear from this structured, boxy, knit jacket and now that spring is here, I’m wearing almost everyday! This cropped jacket is perfect for everyday wear. It feels comfy and casual like your favorite sweatshirt and elevates an everyday look. Most of my favorite garments feel like . . .

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Monarch Jacket Styling Ideas | Monarch Jacket Style Inspiration

On Monday we launched the  Monarch Jacket and I'm feeling pretty over-the-moon that so many of you are drawn to this design! My design aesthetic is simple and comfortable, with a nod to the 70's. And with this sewing pattern I feel like I'm starting to build more  a collection of sewing patterns that mix and match well together. I hope you do too! Today we wanted to give you a peek at the images . . .

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Introducing the Monarch Jacket | Introducing the Monarch Jacket Sewing Pattern by Allie Olson

My fifth sewing pattern is finally here! The  Monarch Jacket  sewing pattern has been in the works for a very long time, and I am over the moon to finally see so many months of hard work materialize! Monarch’s origin story is a bit funny. Last spring, I saw a woman walking on a Boulder sidewalk wearing a pair of wide-leg cropped pants and a knit raglan jacket with contrast sleeves (like the navy . . .

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How We Wear It: Carolyn Pajamas

Indiesew | How We Wear It: Carolyn Pajamas by Closet Case

During  Shirt Month this year, I made a point to finally sew up the  Carolyn Pajamas by Closet Case Patterns. For years, I’ve needed an upgrade in my sleepwear. I love the classic look of the Carolyn Pajamas and since the top of this set is technically a button-up shirt, I thought  #shirtmonth was the best time to tackle it. In fact, the Carolyn Pajamas were the only button-up shirt I was able to . . .

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