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Top Five Knit Tee Patterns for Spring 2016

By Allie

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A knit tee can transition from a casual Saturday at home to drinks on the town without a hitch. Comfortable and versatile, knit tees are typically quick, satisfying sewing projects. In fact, once I’ve nailed down a well-fitting knit tee pattern I typically make three or four, assembly-line style. They get worn nearly every day: to my garden plot, to work, and also to bed. A knit tee is, without a doubt, my favorite wardrobe staple.

Luckily we carry a great selection of tee sewing patterns, but there are five knit tees that really stand out in the Indiesew Pattern Shop. These sewing patterns are tried and tested patterns that ones that I’ll likely never stop sewing. Let’s see why.


Union St. Tee

If you’ve ever bought Target’s super cheap V-neck tees, you can go ahead and stop now. The Union St. Tee is a great replacement and it will last much longer.

Union St Tee | Hey June

This design is a basic knit tee with the option for a V-neck or scoop neck, and four sleeve length options. We love Teresa’s fun versions (the one on the left is from an oversized thrifted t-shirt!). See them here and here.

Dandelion Drift | Union St Tees



Montlake Tee

A recent release from Straight Stitch Designs, the Montlake Tee is generously long for those who prefer more coverage below the waist. This tee has a deep scoop neck, swing hem, and four sleeve lengths.

Montlake Tee | Straight Stitch Designs


With a size range from 0 to 24, this pattern is a crowd pleaser and a quick sewing project. Sew yours in our Black and White Mini Stripe Jersey and pair it with your favorite skinny jeans and clogs. 

Montlake Tee Sewing Pattern |


Summer Concert Tee

Dixie DIY’s Summer Concert Tee is a great warm-weather top with a pronounced high-low hem. This tee has a scoop neck, drop shoulder, and loose elbow-length sleeves. 

Summer Concert Tee | Dixie DIY


The Summer Concert Tee can easily be dressed up with a pair of pumps and skinny jeans. Or keep it casual with shorts and sandals. See how we style the Summer Concert Tee in this post.

How We Wear It | Summer Concert Tee


Seafarer Top

Sew Much Ado’s only women’s garment pattern is a total keeper. The Seafarer Top is a relaxed tee with a drop shoulder, optional sleeve and waistbands, and the option to add a pocket or lace embellishments.

Seafarer Top | Sew Much Ado 

We’re so fond of the Seafarer top that we included it in the 2015 Spring Collection. Then we wrote a post on How to Sew a Slouchy Seafarer because we love this pattern so much.

How to Sew a Slouchy Knit Tee 


Shoreline Boat Neck

The Shoreline Boat Neck by Blank Slate Patterns is a great alternative to scoop and V-neck tees. This top features a wider neckline, a dress option, and three sleeve length options.

Shoreline Boat Neck | Blank Slate Patterns

Even better? This pattern can be sewn in a woven or a knit for two entirely different garments. I recommend sizing down at least one size if choosing a knit fabric. Check out Erin’s drapey woven version here.

Shoreline Boat Neck by Sewbon | Indiesew

These five patterns are each less than $12 and great additions to your handmade wardrobe. With a serger, these patterns will likely take less than two hours each to sew up. (If you’re still on the fence about buying a serger, check out this post.)

As versatile as they are flattering, you may find yourself reaching for a handmade knit tee nearly every day. Once you find your favorite, consider sewing them in multiples! 

Happy knit tee sewing! 

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