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Top Five Creations for Coat Month

By Allie

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Indiesew | Top Five Creations for Coat Month

Coat Month is in full swing here at Indiesew and we’re so excited to see your handmade outerwear enthusiasm. If you’ve had reservations about sewing coats and jackets, January is a great month to tackle this project. All month long we'll be providing the inspiration and tutorials you need to feel confident in your coat-making skills.

If you’re sewing up a coat with us this month, don’t forget to tag your social media posts with #indiesewcoatmonth. We want to see what you’re making!

Today I'm rounding up our favorite outerwear creations at Indiesew. These ladies' fabric choices and impeccable sewing might give you bit of inspiration for your next handmade garment!


Rachel’s Nautical Yona Coat

Nautical Yona Wrap Coat | House of Pinheiro

The Yona Coat is one of my favorite silhouettes, and Rachel’s two-toned version is enough to make me want to sew another. She used a wool melton fabric to create this stunning coat.



Amy’s White Evergreen Jacket

White Evergreen Jacket | Wally and Grace

Not everyone lives in a climate that requires a heavy winter coat, so the Evergreen Jacket is the perfect weight for cooler, but not cold, temps. Amy’s snow white Evergreen Jacket is the perfect garment to pair with jeans and boots.



Teresa’s Cascade Duffle Coat

Cascade Duffle Coat | Dandelion Drift

Teresa impressed us all when she sewed up this Cascade Duffle Coat for the Super Online Sewing Match. She added welt pockets behind the patch pockets for more functionality!



Lauren’s Dropje Vest

Baste + Gather | Dropje Vest

I think we can all agree: a little Pendleton makes everything better. Lauren’s Dropje Vest features Pendleton wool patch pockets and a thermal knit lining!



Priscilla’s Icon Coat

Icon Coat | Fashion and Fishing

Retro swing coats are popular right now and we especially love this black and white polka dot Icon Coat sewn by Priscilla. The large welt pockets and oversized buttons are fun details of this design.

We know how helpful it is to see several versions of a pattern before deciding to sew it up. You can see all of the outerwear creations here. If you’ve sewn one of our patterns, add your creation! You’ll provide endless inspiration to sewists around the world. 

If you’ve gathered your coat making supplies and are ready to dive into sewing, stay tuned! We’ve got tutorials coming your way for the next three weeks.

Happy coat sewing!

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