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The Wrapped Cardigan Video

By Allie

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A few weeks ago, my dear friend Kristin Glenn (founder of Seamly) stayed with me for a night in Boulder. Kristin and I have been collaborating on a big project to digitize all of her ethical designs before they go out of production. (Big things are coming for Seamly!)

The collaboration has been a wonderful project and challenging in the best way possible. And Kristin is also an incredibly talented writer, photographer, and videographer. She has a knack for bringing clothing to life through the media she creates.

So she graciously shot a little Wrapped Cardigan video for us! 

The Wrapped Cardigan was included in the Seamly Summer Collection (it has a sleeveless option) and is a great addition to every fall wardrobe. Plus, it's 15% off until Sunday, October 2nd with coupon code FALLCARDIGANS16.

Happy sewing!


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