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Tessa's Cotton Linen Separates

By Tessa

Tessa is an architect and maker who loves seeing her ideas come to life, from buildings to t-shirts. See more creations @sewpoke.

Tessa's Cotton Linen Separates |

I’m a classic over-packer. On a recent vacation I packed many “just-in-case” items only for them to never see the light of day. You would think I’d learn from experience, but you never know when you might need another pair of shorts, or shirt, or shoes. Not only do I have a plan B for most occasions, I also have a plan C. Just. In. Case.

In an attempt to pare down my suitcase for our next getaway, I was brainstorming how I could pull together the quintessential vacation wardrobe. Like a capsule wardrobe, a vacation wardrobe should include basics, wardrobe workhorses that you can mix and match, and versatile items that you love to wear…all while not compromising your suitcase storage. | Cotton Linen Winslow Culottes by Helen's Closet

I decided that sewing up some matching separates featuring a fun summery fabric could become the building blocks for my wardrobe. Paired with a handful of basics, I could travel light and still have the flexibility I crave. 

Tessa's Blue Linen Separates | Indiesew Blog

I chose this Navy Blue Cotton Linen from Indiesew. It has an airy, crisp texture, a slight slub and like most linens, is a dream to sew. Because this fabric is a blend, it wrinkles less than 100% linen. It is also ever so slightly sheer, but works well without lining for the patterns I chose. 

For my bottoms, I chose the Winslow Culottes pattern by Helen’s Closet. I cut out View B in size 4, not knowing exactly how long I wanted them to be. By the end I chopped enough fabric off the length that I should have cut out View A to begin with. They were a breeze to sew and this pattern features front and back pleats, roomy pockets and an invisible zipper.

Winslow Culottes Sewing Pattern by Helen's Closet

I love that its fullness reads like a skirt, but has the coverage and ease of wearing shorts. Like all patterns by Helen’s Closet, her instructions were thorough, detailed and included helpful hints throughout the sewing process.

Gyo Top Sewing Pattern by Merchant and Mills | Indiesew Blog

For the top, I chose the Gyo Top by Merchant and Mills, and it was my first experience with their sewing patterns. I’m hooked! Their packaging is lovely as are their illustrations and instructions. Most of their patterns only come in paper format, so if you’re a PDF lover like me, you’re out of luck. I did find the Gyo Top and Dress pattern stateside from Oak Fabrics who are speedy to ship.

Gyo Top + Winslow Culottes | Tessa Hathorn

I cut out a size 6 per my bust measurement and found the ease at the bust along with the bust darts a little generous for my frame. The asymmetrical neckline and straps add interest and can easily be dressed up or down. I can’t wait to make this pattern again in the dress version. Versatility is what I was looking for in these two garments and I definitely think they fit the bill.

Between these two garments and an additional four items from my wardrobe – a pair of white jeans, some floral Lander Shorts, a dressy thrifted striped top and a white tee - I was astounded that I could have a potential 9 outfit combinations. See the photo below for a few of these vacation ensembles in action. | Tessa's Handmade Travel Wardrobe

Indiesew Blog | Tessa's Handmade Outfits

All it takes is a little forethought and a little discipline for me to put my vacation packing troubles at ease. I will definitely be trying this on my next getaway and hope this helps you with your vacation wardrobe planning too.

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