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SOTL 2015: The Emily Culottes

By Allie

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It’s June and it’s hot, hot, hot. Luckily, it’s also Shorts on the Line month hosted by Imagine Gnats! All month long, Rachael has been providing shorts sewing inspiration on her blog. Plus she's hosting a good-natured competition over at Kollabora. We’re a prize sponsor (check out the amazing prizes up for grabs!) and so happy to be involved in this fun event.
I wanted to create something unique for Shorts on the Line 2015. I already have several pairs of basic chino-type shorts in my wardrobe that are in great condition. I’m not lacking in the cutoff jeans department. And thanks to the Coachella Shorts sewing pattern, I’m stocked up on lounge shorts too.
But there’s a trend I’ve been following for about a year now that I’ve been antsy to try out. They’re a bit outside of my current style comfort zone, but culottes are all I can think about lately. These wide-legged, long shorts (or cropped pants) are trending hard this season.
Culottes Inspiration | Indiesew Style Post
I’ve especially been loving midi length culottes paired with a simple pair of heels and a basic top. But to be honest, I never thought I’d find a sewing pattern that would work well for this look. Until the Emily Culottes came along from Itch to Stitch.
The Emily Culottes are woven, wide legged culottes with an a-line shape, contoured waistband, and invisible side zipper. The instructions and drafting are impeccable. And the pattern includes enough options to make this a pattern you'll sew more than once. The Emily Culottes sewn straight from the pattern (with the waist tabs option) look like this:
Emily Culottes Sewing Pattern by Itch to Stitch
But, Kennis, the designer has made it super easy to shorten or lengthen this pattern to your liking. I added about 8” in length to my culottes and also slimmed the side seams by about 3” on each side starting below the zipper. | Long Emily Culottes
I sewed my culottes up in a grey cotton linen I found at my local big box sewing store. I also lined them with a rayon challis that I had poorly dyed a few years ago.
Emily Culottes | Rayon Challis Lining
I love that the grey dots match the linen so well. And wearing these pants with such a soft, breathable lining fabric is bliss. Plus, an added benefit of using a lining is that the linen doesn't wrinkle as much as it would if these culottes were unlined.
Emily Culottes | Shorts on the Line
I also used Kennis’ instructions for adding welt pockets onto the front of these culottes. For my first time using that technique, I’m pretty happy with the result.
Emily Culottes | Welt Pocket
Paired with a basic tank top (Valynne Tank pictured here) and some fun jewelry (Terra Necklace pictured here), these culottes look chic and professional. Even though they’re as comfortable as wearing pajamas, I feel like a powerful business woman in this outfit.
Emily Culottes | Sewing Pattern by Itch to Stitch
And they’re great for hot weather. Tight clothing is my nemesis when it’s above 80 degrees, and these culottes are light, loose and breezy.
Emily Culottes sewn in grey linen |
I’ll be wearing these puppies all summer long, especially this weekend when I’m fabric shopping in Los Angeles!

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Happy shorts sewing! 

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