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Selfish Sewing Week Featured Blogger: Sunday Charm

By Elise @ Sunday Charm

Elise is the Indianapolis based blogger and handmade wardrobe enthusiast behind the blog Sunday Charm. Her husband may tell you that she spends way too much time falling in love with fabric, but you can't help when it's love at first sight!

Selfish Sewing Week Featured Blogger: Sunday Charm |

Wow, what a fun Selfish Sewing Week it's been! My name is Elise, and I can't wait to show you the latest edition of my spring/summer handmade wardrobe. 

Sunday Charm's Shoreline Boatneck in plaid| Indiesew.coim

Earlier this spring, I decided to forego purchasing any items of clothing from a store and committed to building a handmade wardrobe for the spring/summer. This has been one of the most fun decisions I've ever made, but did require a lot of planning. I wanted to make sure everything that came off my sewing machine hit all of these criteria: 

1.) The fabric was my personal style,

2.) The pattern/style filled a gap in my wardrobe, and 

3.) It could be mixed-and-matched well with other items I already own.

Keeping these criteria in mind, I literally squealed out loud when I found this "Folk Plaid" in Maureen Cracknell's Wild & Free from Art Gallery Fabrics! I paired the fabric with the Shoreline Boat Neck pattern that I had been eyeing for months, and simply couldn’t be happier with the result. 

With each item I add to my closet, I like to prove its versatility and this top was no exception! Here are four ways I chose to style my Shoreline Boat Neck top…

4 ways to style your Shoreline Boatneck |

My favorite way to dress down a top is to add a baseball cap and distressed jeans. Let’s pretend my husband wants me to tag along for a Pacers’ game, this would be my spin on a traditional sporty look needed for the occasion.

The Shoreline Boatneck Tee by Blank Slate Patterns |

Blank Slate Pattern's Shoreline Boatneck Tee Sewing Pattern |

For my second look, I grabbed one of my favorite vests and trusty white Converse shoes. This is the perfect outfit for running errands – comfy and still put together.

Wearing the Shoreline with a vest |

The Shoreline Boatneck sewing pattern |

The third look is more business casual. Hint: invest in a great jacket (handmade or otherwise) that can be used to dress up causal tops. This has been a game changer for how I get dressed for the office… easy, comfortable first layer followed by a polished second layer.

Wearing a jacket on top of the Shoreline Boatneck Tee |

Sunday Charm's sewing creation: The Shoreline Boatneck by Blank Slate Patterns |

The fourth, and final, look I put together with my Shoreline Boat Neck top was more of a date night look. (Our date nights don’t get too fancy-smancy!). A simple necklace, black skinnies and my trusty ankle boots make this top stand out. In fact, when I walked into our living room, my husband said, “When did you buy that? Is it Anthro?” Sometimes simple is especially classy.    

Sunday Charm's Featured Post for Selfish Sewing Week |

Selfish Sewing Week! Sunday Charm with the Shoreline Boatnect sewing pattern |

A quick note about the pattern! It was quite easy to follow. Also, because I used a cotton instead of a knit, I ended up sizing up to a medium. In hindsight, I could have gotten away with a small, but the slightly oversized fit of the medium is incredible comfortable.

Sending a HUGE thank you to Indiesew for allowing me to guest post and providing me with the Shoreline Boatneck pattern, as well as Art Gallery Fabrics for sending me this gorgeous cotton to play with! 

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