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Plan Your Sewing Projects with the Indiesew Wish List

By Steve

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Indiesew Blog | Plan your sewing projects with the Indiesew Wishlist

Hey Folks, Steve here. Normally I’m working behind the scenes at Indiesew, writing the code and fixing the servers to keep our little piece of the internet running smoothly. But today I’m heading out into the daylight and showing my smiling face on the blog to announce our newest feature: the wish list.

A wish list is pretty simple, and you likely have seen these around at various ecommerce sites. Basically it’s a “save this product for later” system and is used much like the “Want to Buy” boards that are very common on Pinterest. We’ve also added a commenting system to the wish list that can you use to help plan out your next sewing projects.

Using the wish list is easy. You can access it via the “My Wish List” links in the top menu or in the bottom footer. Adding a pattern to your wish list is also simple. Any place where you could normally add an item to your cart now has an “Add to Wish List” link that does what you’d think it would do. After an item is added to your wish list, the link changes to “View Wish List” that will take you to your wish list if you click the link again. On your wish list page, you can easily add the item to your cart or remove it from your wish list.

Here’s where you can find the "Add to Wish List" link in the shop when you’re viewing all the extra product details. If the shop looks like a grid of images, make sure to click the little gray circle under “Indiesew’s Pattern Shop” to get the detailed product view. On the product pages the wish list link is in basically the same location.

Indiesew Blog | Add item to wish list from Indiesew Shop

You can also add to wish list directly from a creation page, shown here on Meredith Daniel’s lovely version of Dixie DIY’s Movies in the Park Shorts. So if you’re browsing creations and you love what you’re seeing, you can add it to your wish list right away!

You can also add items to your wish list from creation page | Indiesew Blog

One of our favorite parts of the wish list is the commenting system so that you can take notes on any of the items in your wish list to help you plan your sewing projects. Keep yourself organized with comments like “use up the rest of the black jersey” or “need to pick up some bias tape from local fabric store”. To save your comments, just type them in the box and click the “save comments” button. Here’s an example wish list that I had Allie make for me since she’s much better at sewing than I am:

Plan your sewing projects with wish list comments | Indiesew

That’s pretty much it! We’re excited to launch this feature and see how people use it. This feature will be especially useful as we add more and more indie patterns to the shop so you can keep a short list of your favorite patterns. Also, this is just one of many new features that we’ll be adding to the site in the next few months!

How do you use the wish list? Do you have any ideas that could make it even better? Let us know! Leave a comment or send us a note on our feedback page.

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