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Pattern Comparison: Nettie and Rowan Bodysuits

By Allie

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UPDATE: The Nettie Bodysuit sewing pattern by Closet Case Patterns has now been discontinued and is no longer available in the Indiesew Shop.

I'm a recent bodysuit convert, a garment I had never given a chance until a few weeks ago. Bodysuits (basically adult onesies, right?) are amazing for so many reasons: you don't have to worry about your shirt riding up your torso and coming untucked. Bodysuits complement high-waisted bottoms perfectly because they lay nice and smooth under the waistband. And they're comfortable because everything stays in place no matter how much you move around.

We've had plans to sell both the Nettie and Rowan bodysuits for several months now. I knew that I wanted to sew both to compare the fit and we've finally had an opening in our blog calendar to make it happen.

So I pulled two fabrics from the Indiesew shop (our Oatmeal and sold-out Navy Striped Rayon Jerseys) and started cutting out the patterns. Both designs came together quickly, as most knit garments do, and as I tried both on I was immediately I was hooked. Here, let me show you:


The Nettie Bodysuit by Closet Case Files

Nettie Bodysuit | Closet Case Patterns

The Nettie Bodysuit sewing pattern by Closet Case Files is actually a dress and bodysuit pattern-in-one. It's a very fitted design intended for fabrics with at least 50% stretch. Nettie has the option for a scoop or high front neckline and three back neckline options. Three sleeve options are included: short, 3/4, and long.

The Nettie's leg holes are finished with knit bands (no elastic needed for that part), as is the neckline. Here's an in-depth tutorial for that method if you need it. The bodysuit closure at the crotch is achieved with snaps.

I sewed my Nettie Bodysuit in the Oatmeal Striped Rayon Jersey (this fabric has 60% stretch) and chose the scoop front neckline with the high back neckline.

Nettie Bodysuit Sewing Pattern | Indiesew

First, let's talk about sizing on this pattern. My bust/waist/hip measurements are 33/27/38 and I initially sewed a size 4 (which has roughly the same finished garment measurements as Rowan's size XS), knowing this garment has a lot of negative ease.

Unfortunately the size 4 was way too tight, so I sized up two sizes to the size 8 which is still pretty snug around the bust/armpits, but is definitely wearable. I do plan on sewing the size 4 next fall in a super stretchy rib knit, which I think will work great.

Nettie Bodysuit by Closet Case Files |

Nettie worn here with Ginger Jeans (View B).


Nettie Bodysuit + Burnside Bibs | Indiesew

I love the deep scoop of the knit-bound neckline and the short sleeve length. I've been wearing my Nettie under my Burnside Bibs. I love the look of a super-fitted tee under a wider leg bottom to balance things out. It also look greats worn with the Ginger Jeans!


The Rowan Bodysuit by Megan Nielsen

Rowan Bodysuit | Megan Nielsen

Rowan by Megan Nielsen is a fitted bodysuit and tee sewing pattern with a ton of options. Three neckline options (crew, v-neck, and turtle neck) complement three sleeve options (short, 3/4, and long). 

Rowan's leg holes are finished with elastic, which is encased in the fabric and stitched down. The bodysuit closure at the crotch is achieved with snaps or hook-and-eyes.

I sewed my Rowan Bodysuit in our sold-out Navy Striped Rayon Jersey and chose the v-neckline and short sleeves.

Rowan Bodysuit Sewing Pattern | Megan Nielsen

I sewed the XS in this pattern based on the finished garment measurements and the fit is perfect. My v-neckline is the best I've ever sewn, I'm super happy with the result. I also really like the way you sew the facings at the crotch closure. The result is super clean.

Indiesew Pattern Comparison | Rowan Bodysuit

I've been pairing this bodysuit with my Persephone Pants as shown above. Honestly, I've been wearing this outfit at least once per week. It's such an easy look!

I love the fit of the Rowan so much that I'm hoping to make a few fitted long-sleeve tees for Fall. This may become my go-to fitted knit tee pattern.


Overall Thoughts

Like I said, I'm an instant convert to the bodysuit. They're just SO easy to wear and feel really comfortable. But there are some noticeable differences between these two designs.

The sizing of these two patterns is very different. The Nettie is offered in numeric sizing (0 - 20) and Rowan is offered in alpha sizing (XS - XL). Because of that, Nettie will have a smaller grading increment between sizes that could be helpful to achieve the perfect fit. The Nettie also has a much larger size range available.

Keep in mind that Nettie is much more fitted than the Rowan, so I recommend sizing up if you're between sizes. Sew a muslin first to check the fit. Using a fabric with more or less stretch than mine will surely result in a different fit. 

I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that both the Nettie and Rowan do give me some major panty-lines. But I'm not sure this can be avoided unless the legholes are cut with a more thong-like fit.

For my next versions, I'd like to experiment with a low profile fold-over elastic and a different leg hole cut. But when I'm wearing the bodysuits with relaxed-fit pants or a skirt, the panty-lines aren't as noticeable.

Overall, I'm a huge fan of both patterns. When I'm looking for something skin-tight, I'll reach for the Nettie. When I want something slightly more relaxed, Rowan will be my choice. Regardless, there will be many more bodysuits added to my wardrobe over the next several months!

Grab your copy of these two bodysuit sewing patterns here!

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