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Pattern Comparison: Lander and Persephone Shorts

By Allie

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Indiesew Pattern Comparison | Lander and Persephone Shorts

We've received so much great feedback on our last pattern comparison blog post, that we've decided to make this a more regular blog series! This week, we're comparing the Lander and Persephone shorts sewn in two Indiesew fabrics.

I really like sewing two comparable patterns when I'm considering a certain silhouette. The process of sewing two similar patterns is something I encourage all sewists do, if you've got time.

Each time I sew two comparable patterns, I find elements of both designs that I love. This process gives me the chance to suss out fit and fabric choice, and my next make is usually a mashup of both designs. And getting two wearable garments out the process feels like a win!

Okay, now back to my new summer shorts. I haven't been a shorts-wearer for the past few summers, simply because I didn't have any that fit well and I felt good in. I'm so glad I made some time to finally sit down and sew a few pairs. And now I'm living in shorts!


Lander Shorts by True Bias

Lander Shorts Sewing Pattern by True Bias

The Lander Short by True Bias (View A) is a high-waisted design with a button fly and front and back patch pockets. I used the Lander Zipper Expansion on these shorts to convert the button fly to a zipper fly. You can see my full-length Lander Pants with the original button fly here.

Lander Shorts Sewing Pattern by True Bias

I sewed my Lander Shorts in this 8.3-oz Charcoal Grey Cotton Twill fabric. For reference, this fabric has no stretch and I sewed the size 6. The fit is pretty tight, but because Lander has generously large side seam allowances (1"), I can let these out for a more relaxed fit if I choose to. I love having that option.

Lander Shorts + Willow Tank | Indiesew Blog

I decided to sew the patch pockets on, knowing I could easily remove them if I don't love the look. I do think they make these shorts look more casual, which I like.

Lander Shorts Back Pockets | True Bias

I've been pairing my Lander Shorts with my linen Willow Tank and it's been a great summer outfit to stay cool in. I know these will get a ton of wear over the next few years.


Persephone Shorts by Anna Allen

Persephone Shorts Sewing Pattern by Anna Allen

The Persephone Short by Anna Allen (View B) is also a high-waisted design with a concealed button fly (more on how I converted that to a zipper fly below). Persephone has no side seams and has front waist In-seam pockets (which I omitted on this pair).

Persephone Shorts |Indiesew Pattern Comparison



I sewed my Persephone Shorts in this 13.1-oz. Eggplant Cotton Twill fabric. This fabric also has no stretch and I sewed the size 4. The fit feels pretty darn perfect. This fabric is heavier than what the pattern recommends, but it still works great. I think I'll sew up a pair of eggplant Persephone Pants for fall!

Persephone Shorts + Alder Shirt | Indiesew Blog

I omitted the front waist inseam pockets on this pair, because I've found that I just don't use them on my denim Persephone Pants. I also followed the Lander Zipper Expansion instructions for converting this fly to a zipper fly. Besides sewing the fly on the opposite side as intended (oops!), the process worked flawlessly! The zipper fly eliminates some of the bulk in that area and looks really clean.

Persephone Shorts by Anna Allen | Available at Indiesew

I've been pairing my Persephone Shorts with my Alder Shirt (I just shortened the Alder Shirtdress) tied around the waist. This design is ultra high-waisted and I like to highlight that feature by bringing the eye to that area.


Overall Thoughts

Both the Lander and Persephone Shorts are patterns that I will definitely be sewing again. Here are some ways the two patterns differ:

  • The Persephone Shorts feature a concealed button fly, while the Lander Shorts feature an exposed button fly. I sewed both versions above with a zip fly.
  • The Lander Shorts have a zipper expansion pack to convert the button fly to a zip fly. The process outlined in the expansion pack can be used on the Persephone Shorts without modifying the Persephone pattern pieces.
  • Both pair of shorts are the exact same length on me.
  • The Persephone Shorts have a roughly 2.5" higher rise than the Lander Shorts, resulting in an ultra high-waisted 70s look.
  • The Lander Shorts' patch pockets give them a more casual look, but could be easily removed. Persephone's waist pockets are hidden and there are no back pockets.
  • The Lander Shorts have larger side seam allowances and side seams which could make them easier to fit.  Though, it should be mentioned that I am curvy and I have had no issues fitting the Persephones with the straight size 4.
  • The Lander Shorts run smaller than the Persephone Shorts. I'm a size 6/8 in the Landers and a size 4 in the Persephones.
  • But both designs have back darts to assist with fitting.
  • Both designs have similar sizing. Lander is available in sizes 0 - 18 (up to a 38.5" waist) and Persephone is available in sizes 0 - 20 (up to a 39" waist).

I hope this comparison post has been useful for you! If you're still on the fence, I recommend sewing both designs in similar fabrics to see what feels best on your body. Both patterns are well drafted with stellar instructions!

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