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Our Favorite Fit and Flare Sewing Patterns for Spring

By Allie

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Our favorite fit and flare sewing patterns for spring |
With the weather warming up in some of the US, we’ve got our spring wardrobe on the mind. Soon it’ll be time to pack away the wool jackets and sweaters and bring out the breezy blouses and sleeveless dresses. Not long, and we’ll be sewing up skirts and tank tops. My one goal for this spring? Sew a fit and flare dress, just for me.
What is fit and flare, you ask? Fit and flare is a new clothing trend with vintage roots. Fit and flare dresses feature fitted bodices with non-fitted (often gathered or circle) skirts. Think Betty Draper in every episode of Mad Men, ever.
Fit and flare dresses are popular because they look great on every body type. They often feature a back or side zipper and darts or princess seams. Therefore, fit and flare dress sewing patterns are perfect for the intermediate sewist.
We are lucky to feature some great fit and flare sewing patterns in the Indiesew shop that I just can’t speak highly enough. Let’s take a look.


Hepworth Dress

EDITED: This pattern is no longer available for sale. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

The Hepworth Fit and Flare Dress sewing pattern by Sinbad and Sailor |
The Hepworth Dress by Sinbad and Sailor is stunning in every way possible. This sleeveless fit and flare dress features princess seams, back darts, pockets and a center back invisible zipper. On my pear shaped body the fit of this dress is spot on, with zero adjustments needed. I wore it to my boyfriend’s Christmas party and felt comfortable, and quite honestly pretty smokin’, the entire time. If you’re looking for a sleeveless fit and flare dress sewing pattern this is where you should start.


Emery Dress

The Emery Fit and Flare Dress sewing pattern by Christine Haynes |
Christine Hayne’s Emery Dress is a classic. This dress features a fully lined bodice with darts at the bust, waist, and back. The dress also features two sleeve options (short and 3/4 length) and a full gathered skirt with pockets. This fit and flare dress has a center back zipper closure. We’ve seen hundreds of people sew up the Emery Dress, and every time they sing this pattern’s high praises. If you’re on the hunt for true vintage fit and flare, the Emery Dress is the sewing pattern for you.


Caroline Dress

The Caroline Fit & Flare Dress sewing pattern by Mouse House Creations |
The Caroline Dress by Mouse House Creations brings a new detail to the original fit and flare silhouette with cap sleeves. The Caroline’s bodice features front and back princess seams and a center back zipper closure. What’s great about this pattern is that it’s packed with options. Four sleeve options, four skirt length options and the option to add a collar make this one sewing pattern you’ll sew again and again.


Marbella Dress

The Marbella Fit & Flare Dress sewing pattern by Itch to Stitch |
Perhaps the most unique fit and flare pattern in the Indiesew shop, the Marbella Dress by Itch to Stitch is a new take on the traditional full skirt of this silhouette. The Marbella Dress features a tulip skirt with two flattering front pleats. The Marbella bodice is fitted with a front and back yoke and princess seams. The wide boat neck brings a touch of vintage to this design. We sewed our Marbella in a grass green linen/rayon blend.


Fit and Flare Creations

Fit & Flare dress creations |
Indiesew creators love fit and flare dresses, too. Check out Meg’s Marbella, Rachel’s Hepworth, and Trine’s Emery.


Fit and Flare Sewing Considerations

Since fit and flare dresses are generally geared towards the intermediate sewist, it’s a good idea to take a few precautions before diving into any of these patterns. Here’s our advice.
Always sew a muslin. It goes without saying, but with fitted garments we recommend you always sew a muslin (a test version with inexpensive fabric) first. Make sure the fabric you use for your muslin is of similar weight and drape to the fabric you choose for your finished dress. It may take a few tries to get the fit perfectly, but a little patience pays off.
Master the invisible zipper. You’ll want your invisible zipper to look, well, invisible on your finished fit and flare dress. Take some time to practice sewing one into a center back seam. You can do this on the muslin you made, or with two pieces of scrap fabric. It will take some time, but eventually you’ll be able to sew one with your eyes closed.
Choose a fabric you love. Fit and flare dresses are a bold silhouette, and we encourage you to sew yours in a fabric that is completely, 100% you. If you sew your final dress in a fabric that you just feel “meh” about, you will likely never wear it. Make sure to consider your favorite clothing colors, fabric types and the patterns you are drawn to. A fancy dress deserves a fabric that you can’t take your eyes off of.
We’ve touched on our favorite four fit and flare dresses currently in the Indiesew shop, but we have even more dresses coming your way! Make sure you follow us on Facebook to find out when the new patterns become available.

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