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New Indiesew Fabrics: Corduroy and Plaid

By Allie

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Indiesew Fabric Shop | Corduroy and Plaid Fabrics

We are super excited to announce that six awesome new fabrics just hit the Indiesew Fabric Shop!

These swoon-worthy winter fabrics will keep you toasty warm as the mercury dips. Four fine wale corduroys and two lovely plaid fabrics are waiting for you. Let’s get a close up:


Navy Blue Fine Wale Corduroy

Navy Blue Fine Wale Corduroy Fabric

This Navy Blue Fine Wale Corduroy is what our Lonetree Jacket sample is sewn in! With a tiny amount of stretch (just 5%), this fabric is as comfortable as it is beautiful. Plus, it’s super wide at 64”, so it’s a great value!



Chestnut Fine Wale Corduroy

Reddish Orange Fine Wale Corduroy Fabric

This Chestnut Fine Wale Corduroy has 10% stretch, making it perfect for fitted trousers and skirts. It’s super stable, a great fabric for the beginner sewist.



Rodeo Cotton Flannel Orange Plaid

Rodeo Cotton Plaid Flannel Fabric | Blue and Orange

An inadvertent nod to the colors of our local NFL team, this Rodeo 100% Cotton Flannel fabric is ideal for button up shirts. Both sides feature a soft brushed surface for a cozy garment that you'll wear all winter long.



Charcoal Fine Wale Corduroy

Charcoal Grey Fine Wale Corduroy Fabric

Our Charcoal Fine Wale Corduroy is our lightest weight corduroy fabric, weighing in at just 6 ounces per yard. That makes it ideal for a blouse or button-up shirt. This fabric has no stretch and is well suited for the beginner sewist.



Lilac Fine Wale Corduroy

Lilac Purple Fine Wale Corduroy Fabric

Just like our Navy Blue Corduroy, this Lilac Fine Wale Corduroy fabric is super wide and has a bit of stretch. We think a pair of lilac Chi-Town Chino trousers would be a stunning winter garment.



Eggplant Stretch Plaid Shirting

Eggplant Purple and Rust Stretch Plaid Shirting Fabric

This Eggplant Stretch Plaid Shirting is ideal for holiday dresses and skirts! At 11 ounces per yard, this fabric is completely opaque and doesn't require a lining. Roughly 20% stretch will give your handmade garments some comfort while looking great!

Hop on over to the Indiesew Fabric Shop and grab your yardage before it goes! We won’t likely restock these fabrics, so once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

Happy sewing!

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