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New Indiesew Designer: Liola Patterns

By Allie

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Let’s face it, there are hundreds of independent pattern designers out there. Maybe even thousands if we include children's clothing. Starting a business in this world has been simultaneously fascinating and overwhelming, purely because of the sheer number of ruthless, inspiring entrepreneurs. You all are working so hard at promoting your businesses and for that I give you total props.

One such person is Nicole from Liola Patterns. Nicole is an Aussie, living in the Netherlands, and her patterns are spot on with Indiesew’s aesthetic. Being a brand new designer, Nicole emailed wondering if we’d be interested in selling patterns. After Steve and I had one look at them, the answer was a resounding yes!

Today I’m so excited to introduce to you three of Liola Pattern’s designs. The seam finishes, fit and unique details of these three patterns have blown me away. If you haven’t already sewn up your summer wardrobe, you’ve just found three tops to round it out.

The Sparrow Top

The Sparrow Top on | Liola Patterns

This tank top caught my eye from the beginning. Its modern cut, darts (thank you Nicole!) and unique collar feature makes us confident that The Sparrow Top will soon be playing ball with those few other all-star tank top patterns. It’s simple but still totally unique.

The Sparrow Top’s interfaced contrasting collar adds visual interest that other tank top patterns can’t offer. The pattern calls for french seams (swoon) and bias bound neckline and armholes (or if you want to get all technical, armscyes...pronounced arm’s eyes). Wrap up all of those features in one package and you’ve got a tank top pattern that is pretty darn impressive.

The Ella Top

The Ella Top | Liola Sewing Patterns sold on

The Ella Top is a sweet tank top with one of my favorite top features...a back yoke. Sitting right below that yoke is a single back pleat. You have the option to finish the back yoke with flat piping and it’s that single detail that I love. French seams are a feature of this pattern, too. This basic tank top pattern is 100% versatile. Worn alone or layered, it’s sure to be in regular rotation in your handmade wardrobe.

The Natalie Top

The Natalie Top by Liola Patterns |

Yes it’s in the mid-nineties here in the’s summer. But waiting until fall to introduce this long sleeved blouse felt like a travesty. I have yet to come across another pattern quite like The Natalie Top. It’s loose fitting, has an asymmetrical optional pocket (yes, please!) and a front pleat feature that looks totally classy. The Natalie Top is definitely a fall and winter wardrobe standby, but I’m itching to sew up a breezy rayon version to pair with shorts and leather sandals.

Can we all give Nicole a nice warm welcome to the Indiesew community? And encourage her to keep making classy, modern patterns? The sewing world thanks you, Nicole.

Have you sewn up any of these patterns? Lucky you! We'd love for you to upload your creations or leave a review of the product. Make sure you follow us on Facebook to keep updated on all the newest Indiesew designers!

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