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New Fabric: Double-Sided Flannel Twill

By Allie

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New Indiesew Fabric | Double Sided Cotton Flannel Twills

I am beyond ready for some fall sewing. It’s been a hot, hot, hot summer here in Boulder and I am awaiting cool mornings, crisp leaves, and long sleeves. In what I hope is just a matter of weeks, we’ll be experiencing the change of seasons.
You may have noticed, but in the sewing world, fall wardrobe planning is intense. It seems that we’ve all had at least a bit of a sewing hiatus in the summer months. So many of us are antsy to get back to our machines, to sip tea while we work on clothing that’ll keep us warm in the months to come.
At Indiesew, we’ve already started sourcing fall fabrics (I am giddy to show you what else is on the way), and we just added four new colorways of the same substrate to the shop! They’re cozy, dense, and double-sided.
Technically speaking, this new fabric is a woven flannel twill.
Here’s the breakdown:
  • 100% Cotton: All natural, baby. It'll keep you warm in cold weather, but won't overheat you in higher temps.
  • Twill Weave: This makes the fabric dense (i.e. totally opaque) and durable, but still light and with enough movement for tops and dresses
  • 4.2 oz/sq yd (142 GSM): Squarely in the mid-weight range, this fabric can be used for a multitude of projects. We think it'd be ideal for shirts, pajama pants, and cozy dresses.
  • $12/yd and 59” Wide: Get more bang for your buck with this wide fabric.
  • Brushed: Both sides of this fabric are soft fuzzy, like a typical flannel fabric. It’ll only get softer with wear.
  • Double-Sided: One side of this fabric is a light solid with hints of black running diagonally in the twill weave. The other side is the reverse: mostly black with hints of color running in the twill weave. Technically, there’s no “right side”, so display whichever side you prefer!
  • Stable: The twill weave makes these fabrics ideal for the beginner sewist. 


Shop Our Cotton Flannel Twills>


Our Cotton Flannel Twills are offered in four colors! Check them out below:

Brick Red

Indiesew Fabric | Cotton Flannel Twill Brick Red

Brick Red Flannel Twill >



Indiesew Fabric | Cotton Flannel Twill Grey

Grey Flannel Twill >


Mint Green

Indiesew Fabric | Cotton Flannel Twill Mint Green

Mint Green Flannel Twill >



UPDATE: The violet colorway of this fabric is sold out and will not be restocked. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Indiesew Fabric | Cotton Flannel Twill Violet

Violet Flannel Twill >


Suitable Garments

The first thing I thought of when I laid eyes on these fabrics was a pair of Carolyn Pajamas. I would use the reverse side of the fabric for accents like the cuffs and waistband.
A long-sleeved button-up shirt, like Archer, Cheyenne, or Bonn would look amazing in these fabrics.
Or sew a cozy winter dress like Fen, Wenona, or Farrow.

Fabric Care 

These fabrics should be prewashed on a warm to hot wash cycle and a hot tumble dry cycle for maximum shrinkage. Since they have a brushed surface, we recommend line drying them for subsequent washings to prevent pilling. Use a hot steam iron to press.
Happy sewing!

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