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My Handmade Month: Finding Joy in Getting Dressed

By Allie

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A few weeks ago, a dear friend and I reminisced about our years spent in grad school. “I was always excited to see what you’d wear to class,” she said, “Your outfits were incredible!” I took a sad glance down at the clothes currently hanging on my frame: my most worn out jeans from college, a sad hoodie with a broken zip, my puffy jacket with a hole that constantly spills out feathers.  My hair was thrown into a sloppy ponytail and I couldn’t remember if I had remembered to wash my face that morning. “Um yeah, I’m in a bit of rut right now,” I said sheepishly.

In fact, I’ve been in a fashion rut for over two years and ironically, it started when we launched Indiesew. I have the amazing opportunity to sew and stare at beautiful handmade garments all day, and yet my daily personal style feels nonexistent. For the past 2+ years I spend most of my waking hours working from my favorite spot on the couch or shuffling between our fabric warehouse and home. I’m usually carrying way too many things and I’m always in a hurry.

I use the excuse that I don’t have time or a reason to put together trendy outfits because I rarely see anyone I know. So I wear leggings and tank tops and oversized sweatshirts. Many of which (gasp!) are ready-to-wear, often because they’re comfy relics from a decade ago. When I have in-person meetings I take the time to show off my handmade creations, but that happens no more than twice per week.

Handmade Wardrobe | Indiesew Blog

I’ve discussed this topic with many people who work from home and I think it’s important to understand our individual needs and desires. I don’t think that primping and looking “great” by society’s norms equates to happiness…not at all. In fact, in the past I’ve been happiest when I’ve taken big fashion risks and put together outfits that were slightly weird. What I do know is that I'm happiest when I’m intentional about how I prepare for the day ahead of me.

For me, when things are in order (my kitchen cabinets, my sewing room, Indiesew's fabric supply), mentally I feel more at peace. It’s a theme I’ve been exploring a lot lately. When I’m more mindful about keeping things clean, neat, and tidy I feel one trillion percent better. The clothes I wear and the state of my face and hair are no exception.

So I’m starting a new challenge and I’m hoping that those of you who struggle with getting dressed most days might join me too. Every month, here on the Indiesew blog, I’ll be recapping what I wore Monday through Friday for the entire month. I’ll take a photo of my outfit, analyze what garments saw the most wear, and what items just don’t bring me any joy at all. I’ll be Marie Kondo-ing my handmade wardrobe.

I’ll also show you what garments I sewed that month and what clothes (handmade or not) that I said goodbye to. I’m hoping through this challenge I can be more intentional about what I choose to sew: what fabrics, designs, and colors I most enjoy wearing. In turn, I’m hoping this increases my motivation to get dressed before I crack open my laptop every morning.

In short, I want to find more joy in getting dressed.

My Handmade Month |

The first recap post will be in early March and will cover the last two weeks in February. Going forward the posts will cover the entire month’s sewing, wearing, and closet-purging activity. I’m calling this series My Handmade Month. We'll use the hashtag #myhandmademonth for those of you following along on Facebook and Instagram.

Whether you’re a blogger, social media user, or just someone who likes to sew your own clothes, I encourage you to take part. If you have a closet full of handmade garments that you never wear, this could be the challenge that helps you understand what you feel good wearing.

My Handmade Month | Sew Your Own Clothes

For those of you who already find joy in getting ready in the morning, YOU are my inspiration! I would love to round up your most valuable tips on sewing and wearing a functional handmade wardrobe. Leave them in the comments below and we might feature you in the next post in this series!

As always, thank you for your constant support. Let’s get ready to revamp our getting-dressed routine!

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