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Moto Sweatshirt Sewalong Pt 7: Sew the Facings and Zipper

By Allie

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Just two more sections of the Moto Sweatshirt Sewalong left and we'll have a finished garment! Today we're attaching the right and left facings and sewing the zipper between them.

If you're just tuning in, here's the sewalong schedule:

Here we go!

Prep the Facings

Finish the outer edges of the facings as shown below. Also finish the short shoulder seams of both the right and left facing.

Moto Sweatshirt Sewalong | Finish edge of facings.

Sew the Facings to the Waistband and Collar

Align the right facing to the right bodice and the left facing to the left bodice right sides together as shown below. Pin the bottom of the facings to the bottom of the waistband. Sew this short seam with a 3/8" seam allowance and a straight stitch.

Moto Sweatshirt Sewalong | Sew bottom of facings to waistband.

Align the top of the right facing and the top of the left facing with the collar and pin right sides together. The shoulder seams of the facings should align with the notches on the collar. You'll have to ease the straight edge of the collar onto the curved edge of the facings, just like we did in Part 6.

Moto Sweatshirt Sewalong | Pin facings to collar.

Sew the facings to the collar with a 3/8" seam allowance and a straight stitch.

Moto Sweatshirt Sewalong | Sew facings to collar.


Sew the Zipper

Apply Wonder Tape to the entire length of both sides of the zipper tape as shown below.

Moto Sweatshirt Sewalong | Apply Wonder Tape to Zipper

Peel off the Wonder Tape backing and align the raw edge of the facings with the zipper tape and the raw edge of the bodices. Make sure that the waistband seams of the bodices and facings align, as well as the collar seams.

The zipper tape should be sandwiched between the facings and the bodices. The collar and waistband will be folded in half so that the zipper travels along the entire length of the center front seam.

Using a zipper foot, sew the center front seams with a 3/8" seam allowance and a straight stitch. 

Moto Sweatshirt Sewalong | Sew facings and zipper

Clip the collar corners.

Moto Sweatshirt Sewalong | Clip zipper corners

Turn the zipper right side out so that the facings flip to the inside of the garment. Press the bodice and facing fabric away from the zipper.

Topstitch along the entire length of the zipper with a 1/8" seam allowance.

Moto Sweatshirt Sewalong | Press zipper and topstitch.

Nice work! Just a few more quick steps and we're finished! Let's meet back here tomorrow when we'll secure our waistband and collar inside the garment.

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