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Monarch Jacket Tester Roundup

By Allie

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I feel extremely lucky to have some of the best pattern testers around. For the Monarch Jacket, ten lovely ladies helped us test this design. They helped us perfect the fit, fix a grading issue, caught my typos, and overall improved the quality of this pattern by leaps and bounds. I couldn't release a pattern without their help.

Below are photos of seven tester versions. After these were sewn up, we decided to offer three different length collars based on stretch percentage. So, where you see a collar standing up a bit, that issue has been fixed. Otherwise, the fit you see below on the testers is the final fit of the design, except where noted if a tester made a modification. Kaylee was also a tester for us, her Monarch Jacket is featured here

Tessa | Monarch Jacket | Allie Olson

Tessa's Monarch Jacket is sewn from a floral scuba fabric for the body and navy ponte fabric for the sleeves and collar. We love the way she styles it with a neutral popover.


Amber | Monarch Jacket | Allie Olson

Amber's Monarch Jacket is sewn in our sold-out Navy Stripe Rayon Ponte. She lengthened the bodice and sleeves of her jacket by 2" and added a few more snaps. She's wearing a Kila Tank underneath and Morgan Jeans!


Heidi | Monarch Jacket | Allie Olson

Heidi's Monarch Jacket is sewn using a green ponte knit fabric and we love it paired with a striped mock neck tee and jeans. 


Patti | Monarch Jacket | Allie Olson

Patti's Monarch Jacket is sewn in a navy blue double knit and is worn over a body-skimming knit tee dress like the Panama Tee. Throw on some sneakers for a comfy, casual look!


Teri | Monarch Jacket | Allie Olson

Teri's pink Monarch Jacket is everything we want to wear this spring. Use this Dusty Pink Rayon Ponte fabric to sew a look-a-like!


Jennifer | Monarch Jacket | Allie Olson

Jennifer's Monarch Jacket is also sewn in our sold-out Navy Stripe Rayon Ponte Fabric. The jacket looks great layered over a button-up, like the Cheyenne Tunic.


Fleurine | Monarch Jacket | Allie Olson

Fleurine's Monarch Jacket is also sewn in our Navy Striped Rayon Ponte (it was a popular fabric, y'all). She added a fourth snap and also added 1/2" in length.

A huge thanks to all of the testers who helped us perfect the Monarch Jacket! I am so grateful for the time and attention to detail they each provided. I have so much love for this sewing community!

We'll be back later this week with a different take on the Monarch Jacket in our Heather Grey Stripe Rib Knit.

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