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Meet the 2019 Indiesew Blogger Team!

By Allie

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Indiesew | Introducing the 2019 Blogger Team

We are so excited to finally reveal the 2019 Indiesew Blogger Team! We sent out our 2019 Collaborator Application on the second day of the year and it's taken nearly a month to comb through hundreds of applicants - the longest it ever has. Thank you to everyone who spent time applying.

We were absolutely blown away by the quality of content we saw in our collaborator application. Never before have we had so.much.discussion around who should be chosen for our 2019 Indiesew Blogger Team. Choosing this list with Angie has been one of the hardest things we've done as a team, possibly as long as we've been working together.

In fact, we had so many applicants this year and we were so conflicted that we decided to expand our network of collaborators in other ways. Today, we're announcing the seven bloggers who will make up the Indiesew Blogger Team this year.

And over the next year, you'll meet nine more sewists who will show up on the Indiesew blog as contributors. By working with sixteen women, we're excited to bring you more inclusion in terms of body and racial diversity. You'll see how that unfolds in the coming months.

So without further ado, we present to you the...

Indiesew 2019 Blogger Team
April Berlanga | Wearing Old Bones
April Berlanga
Movies in the Park Shorts | Olivia Jane Handcrafted
Alexis Bailey

Nicole Merritts | Merritts Makes
Nicole Merritts
Indu Ankareddi | Kaleidothought
Indu Ankareddi

Melissa Quaal | A Happy Stitch
Melissa Quaal


The seven women above will be posting Indiesew related content on their blogs once per quarter. We cannot wait to see what each blogger sews up with our fabrics and patterns! Click over to each blogger's website to get acquainted; they all have an incredible wealth of content related to apparel sewing.

You'll start seeing us promote posts from the members above in the next few weeks. We highly encourage you to sign up for our newsletter, their content will be featured there so you won't miss it.

Happy sewing! 

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