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Lonetree Inclusive Sizing Now Available!

By Allie

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Lonetree Jacket Inclusive Sizing Now Available | Indiesew.

Before I launched the Lonetree Jacket and Vest, I talked about it a lot on social media. I showed several sneak peeks of the design, talked about the upcoming Lonetree Kits, and tried to share as much of my design journey with you as possible.

And while it made me a bit nervous to do so (what if I burned out before the pattern was finished?), it also helped me gather a ton of great feedback during the development process. One suggestion many of you made loud and clear? Make the Lonetree sizing more inclusive!

Lonetree Jacket and Vest Line Drawings | Sewing Pattern by Allie Olson

You see, my initial design was only sized for up to a 42” bust. I quickly learned that range excludes a lot of the sewing population. I learned so much talking with those who wanted to see an extended size range. And it was obvious that we had to do it, so two additional Lonetree sizes were born. And the new pattern is ready for you today!


Size Chart and Finished Measurements

I want to mention something about the Lonetree Size Chart and size labels. You may not fall under the same size that you do in other sewing patterns or ready-to-wear clothing. Please don’t let that influence your judgment of the pattern. Size labels are just that: labels.

Lonetree Jacket Size Chart | Indiesew Blog

I worked tirelessly with our patternmaker to make the size increments suitable for the varying shapes of women today. Our testers found that the sizing was pretty spot-on according to their measurements. Moral of the story? Sew the size that your measurements fall under and don’t worry about what the size label is. But still pay attention to the notes below the table regarding bulky garments, etc. 


Tester Photos

So you likely want to see some tester photos, right? The lovely Cat sewed up the Lonetree Jacket and added a full lining, extra cuff snaps, and an inner welt pocket for her cell phone! 

Allie Olson | Lonetree Jacket and Vest Sewing Pattern

Plus, she added a drawstring to the hood and modified the lower pockets so that she could also slide her hands in the side.

Lonetree 3XL Jacket | Back

Lonetree Cuff Snaps

I sewed up this cropped Lonetree Jacket version for my sister. I decided to forgo the drawstring casing and instead add waist tabs! 

Cropped Lonetree Jacket

Jacket Waist Tabs | Lonetree

The Lonetree Jacket does not have darts, but you could add them in for an FBA if needed. The Curvy Sewing Collective has an excellent tutorial on that process here


Lonetree Release Notes

I’ve added a feature to this pattern that's inspired by my techie boyfriend. He always wants to know exactly what has changed when software gets updated, so he religiously reads the software release notes. It got me thinking: why don’t sewing patterns do this?

You may not know this, but sewing patterns are usually updated at least twice in their lifespan.  It’s rare that a sewing pattern is ever released without a typo or small drafting error—errors you probably never notice.

But along with correcting those, a lot of designers will add new features with an update. Copy shop files, new sizes, and pattern features are often added. And while a blog post is usually written about it, the details are rarely documented in the pattern files. That can make it difficult to remember if you have the updated copy when you come back to sew the design a few years later.

So the Lonetree digital pattern will have release notes that outline the periodic updates. You’ll know exactly what version you’re using and generally what changed from update to update.



I already bought the pattern.
How do I get the updated version? 

We know that many of you already own this pattern, whether you purchased it individually or as part of the 2016 Fall/Winter Collection. At Indiesew you’ll always access to the most up-to-date version! To access the new pattern simply click on My Account (under the gear in the upper right hand corner) and search for the Lonetree Jacket or 2016 Fall/Winter Collection under the My Orders tab.

From your order you can re-download the pattern and start sewing the new version immediately.


Lonetree Kits are Restocked!

DIY Jacket Kit | Available at Indiesew

Good news! Our Army Green Lonetree Kits have now been restocked and are currently shipping. We’ll soon be stocking a slate grey and navy blue version with all of the coordinating hardware. Stay tuned!

Happy sewing! 

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