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Kila Tank on Varied Bodies Types

By Allie

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Earlier this week we launched the Kila Tank sewing pattern! This basic design is a fitted rib knit tank top with a slight racerback cut and a deep scoop neckline.

After we shot the Kila Tank on our model Danie, I felt it was necessary to show the tank top on a few more varied body types. I know how important it is to know what strap coverage looks like on tank tops. You need to see how the slight racerback design deals with full-coverage bra straps. So we decided to shoot the Kila Tank on two more models! The two women below are sisters: Jess (grey tank) and Arielle (red tank). And we are forever grateful to them for letting us take their photos!

Sisters in Kila Tanks |

Jess is 5'4" and we sewed the size that her waist and hip measurements put her in, knowing that this rib knit fabric would have plenty of stretch to accommodate her bust measurement. We did shorten Jess' tank top by 1" since this pattern is drafted for a height of 5'6".

Kila Tank on Varied Body Types |

Jess is wearing a full-coverage bra in these photos without a racerback design. You'll notice that her bra straps are completely hidden both in the front and in the back. The tank top hugs her body and accentuates her hourglass figure.

Kila Tank with Skirt |

Kila Tank Strap Coverage |

Arielle is 5'6", with a smaller bust, and we sewed the size that her bust measurement put her in. Her bra straps are also completely hidden both in the front and back. We didn't adjust the length of her Kila Tank at all.

Kila Tank On Different Body Types | Indiesew

Kila Tank Racerback Coverage | Won't Show Bra Straps

You'll notice that because the Kila Tank is sewn in super stretchy rib knit fabric, a good fit is pretty easy to achieve. There's just an 1" increment between sizes 0 through 14 and 1.5" increment between 16 and 18, so it's likely you'll find a good fit within a three-size range.

For example, I can wear a size 2, 4, or 6 in the Kila Tank and they all fit well. The size 2 is pretty tight; I like it for tucking into high-waisted pants. The size 4 feels good for working out, because it has a tiny bit more ease but is still close-fitting. And the size 6 feel great as a pajama top or when worn more casually with skinny jeans.

I hope this post helps more fully illustrate the Kila Tank fit on different body types. Grab your copy of the Kila Tank sewing pattern and get started on your own!

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