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Joy Jacket with Fool's Paradise Poly Crepe Lining

By Allie

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Today we get to showcase my favorite piece from the Fool's Paradise photoshoot: the Joy Jacket by Chalk and Notch!

I knew that sewing a fun contrast lining using the Fool's Paradise Light Poly Crepe would appeal to those who are a little more print wary. What I didn't expect was that this would quickly become my favorite thing to wear this fall. It's that good.

If you're just tuning in, check out the collaboration we launched a few weeks ago with Dan Lehman and Spoonflower.

Dan Lehman fabric printed by Spoonflower | Joy Jacket

Joy Jacket by Chalk and Notch |

Joy Jacket Contrast Lining | Indiesew x Dan Lehman Collaboration

Dan Lehman x Spoonflower | Poly crepe as a jacket lining.

Joy Jacket Sewing Pattern | | Joy Jacket Sewing Pattern by Chalk and Notch

For the exterior of this jacket, we used Blackbird's Navy Linen Viscose Slub, which was ideal for this design. Our own Aegean Blue Tencel Gabardine would also create a similar look! We also used a navy hardware kit purchased from Chalk and Notch earlier this year.

The Joy Jacket is an intermediate design, with its full lining and zipper closure. From start to finish, this jacket probably took me about 8 to 10 hours to sew, which is a pretty big time commitment for me.

But y'all, the result is so worth it. The poly crepe lining feels incredibly luxurious when worn. In fact, I've been wearing this jacket with a fitted knit tee underneath and I don't take it off all day. From someone who tends to wear more cropped outerwear designs, I'm surprised at how easy this jacket is to wear.

I sewed view B in the size 4, which aligns with my bust measurement, but I probably should have graded out to size 6 in the hips (where my hip measurement actually falls - Allie, trust the data!). Still, I have plenty of ease there through the hips when I'm standing or walking; I only notice some tightness when I sit down.

For reference our model's measurements are 33"/26"/36", so her measurements technically put her in a size 2. But the relaxed fit still looks great on her frame. Depending on your fit preference you can likely size up or down.


New Tencel Fabrics!

We just added four new Tencel fabrics that are ideal for the Joy Jacket to the Indiesew Fabric Shop. And two of them coordinate perfectly with our Fool's Paradise fabric!

Joy Jacket Fabrics | Tencel and Poly Crepe

Above is our Lavender Tencel Gabardine, which coordinates with the Fool's Paradise Light Poly Crepe.

Joy Jacket Fabrics | Green Tencel and Dark Poly Crepe

Above is our Jungle Green Tencel Gabardine which coordinates with our Fool's Paradise Dark Poly Crepe.

This has become my go-to fall and spring jacket and the quality of the pattern is top-notch. If you have plans to make your own, I recommend starting to source your supplies now!

Happy sewing!

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