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Jeans Month Kickoff: Denim Chi-Town Chinos

By Allie

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Indiesew Jeans Month | Denim Chi-Town Chinos

Did you hear the big news? January is Jeans Month here at Indiesew! All month long we will be bringing you lots of handmade jeans inspiration including tutorials, kits, style posts, and a video workshop to replicate your favorite ready-to-wear jeans. Plus, we’ve already added four new denim fabrics to the shop!

Today we’re kicking off the festivities with a style post for my latest sewing creation. For years, I’ve been trying to find the perfect pair of relaxed-fit boyfriend jeans. I wanted a slouchy pair of non-stretch jeans to be worn with my numerous knit tees and button-up shirts. Earlier this fall, it occurred to me that I could achieve this same look with a pair of denim Chi-Town Chinos (using the trousers Expansion Pack #2). 

Denim Chi-Tow Chinos | Pattern by Alina Design Co.

So, I set to work. I threw a few yards of our 7-ounce Light Indigo Cotton Denim in the wash and was pleasantly surprised to find out how much softer it became after a dry cycle. I cut out my standard size 6, and since I had already sewn a few pairs of these for the 2016 Fall/Winter Collection, I sewed them up in just a few evenings. 

Alina Design Co. | Chi-Town Chinos Pants

What I love most about Alina’s Chi-Town Chinos pattern is that her instructions show you how to achieve a great fit by adjusting the center back seam. My hips are a size or two larger than my waist, so nearly every pair of ready-to-wear pants is too big for me in the waist. For these pants, I was able to take a couple of inches out of the back-center seam, tapering it to nothing about six inches down the back curve. Now, I'm not flashing my undies every time I kneel down or bend over. 

I also took in the outseams of each leg by 1/4” on each side for a total of 1/2” decrease in leg width. I started at the hem and tapered to nothing just above the knee.

Chi-Town Chinos Sewing Pattern | Sewn in Indiesew Denim

I used red serger thread to finish all the raw edges. I love the look of the contrast stitching on the pressed-open outseams. I will likely always wear the cuffs rolled up, so I’m glad there’s a bit of visual interest there.

DIY Jeans | Denim Chi-Town Chino Trousers

To coordinate with the red serger thread I used a bright red fly zip and our Southwest Sunset Rayon Challis (only a remnant left!) for the pockets and waistband facing. I will forever be a fan of rayon challis pockets in my jeans and pants. Rayon is lightweight enough that you don’t see the outline of the pocket from the right side of the pants. Plus, it feels silky soft on your hands. 

Contrast Accents | DIY Jeans

I’m wearing my Chi-Town Chino jeans with a flannel Archer Button Up that I sewed last winter. Call me basic, but this is my preferred outfit five days out of the week. It’s cozy, comfortable, and a step-up from running errands in yoga pants.

Overall, I’m super pleased with the fit and look of my new slouchy jeans. Even though they don’t have all of the details of typical jeans (yellow topstitching, rivets, coin pocket etc.), they’re still filling a serious need for more jeans in my closet.

Want to copy this look? Grab the Chi-Town Chinos pattern, the Chi-Town Chinos Expansion Pack #2, and a few yards of our 7-ounce Light Indigo Cotton Denim!

Happy sewing! 

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