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Jamie Jeans Sewalong Pt 7: Sew Back Pockets

By Allie

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The Jamie Jeans Sewalong Part 7: Sew Back Pockets |
My favorite part of sewing any garment is the pocket, if it includes one. There’s just something about topstitching a patch pocket that is so satisfying to me. It feels like a big accomplishment for little work. So today, in part 7 of the Jamie Jeans Sewalong, we’re doing exactly that. 
In my opinion, the Jamie Jeans pockets are extremely flattering. They’re well sized compared to the rest of the jeans, and the topstitching detail provides a bit of visual interest. But if you're looking for ways to personalize your Jamie Jeans, the back pockets are the place to do it.
Some ideas for making your Jamie Jeans pockets pop are:
  • Add colored piping at the center seam of the pocket or around the edges of the pockets.
  • Sew tulip shaped pockets like these made by Named founder.
  • Draft one-piece pockets and add your own topstitching design.
Today, I’ll be showing you the steps to make and attach your Jamie Jeans pockets as the pattern intended.


Prep Pockets

First, finish every raw edge of the upper and lower back pockets with a serger or zig zag stitch.
Serge back pocket edges |
Then press the top edge of the upper back pocket piece to the wrong side by 3/8”. Fold that edge and press on the upper back pocket notches.
Press back pocket top edge |
Topstitch this fold with a 5/8” seam allowance.
Topstitch the back pocket top edge |
Pin the upper back pocket piece to the lower back pocket piece with right sides together. Sew with a 3/8” seam allowance.
Pin and sew the pocket |
Press the seam toward the bottom of the pocket and topstitch.
Press and topstitch pocket |
Now, press the three serged edges of your pockets towards the wrong side by 3/8”. Take a good look at your pocket from the right side and make sure both look similar. Adjust any inconsistencies by pressing more fabric towards the wrong side.
Press down the pocket edges |


Place and Sew Pockets on Jeans

Pin the pockets to your Jamie Jeans aligning them with the markings. Use lots of pins here so your pockets don't shift while sewing.
Pin the pockets to the back of your Jamie Jeans |
At this point you can try on your jeans (Carefully! Pin pricks on the derriére are no fun). Take a photo of the pocket placement and compare it to your favorite jeans. Adjust the pockets as necessary. Since I had taken my Jamie Jeans in so much on the sides of my hips, my pockets looked uncentered and set unnecessarily wide. I brought each pocket towards the center seam by 1/4”.
Finally, topstitch the pockets onto your jeans, being careful not to move them while you sew. Sew a small triangle in each upper corner of the pocket for reinforcement.
Topstitch back pocket to jeans |
Ta da! Your pockets are now attached to your Jamie Jeans. These pants are starting to look like true blue jeans. Tomorrow we’re tackling the fly zip. Only two more posts to go and you’ll have new skinny jeans!
Be sure to tag your social media photos with #jamiejeanssewalong so we can see your progress. Feel free to ask questions through those platforms and we’ll help answer them. Happy sewing!

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