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Jamie Jeans Sewalong Pt 10: Sew Final Finishes

By Allie

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The Jamie Jeans Sewalong Pt 10: Sew Final Finishes |
 All posts in this sewalong:
Today's the last day folks! If you’ve been following along to our ten part Jamie Jeans sewalong, give yourself a big high five. You’ve got just two more steps (one if you’re forgoing belt loops) until your Jamie Jeans are ready for everyday wear. In roughly 15 to 30 minutes your jean sewing journey (for now) will come to an end. How excited are you to pull these jeans on?!
So without further ado, let’s get these jeans finished!


Hem Jeans

Turn your jeans inside out. Press the hem of your Jamie Jeans towards the wrong side 3/8”. Fold over again on the hem notches and press. A sleeve ham makes pressing the final hem a breeze!
Press the hem up twice |
Keep your jeans inside out and topstitch the hem with a 1/4” seam allowance. I find it easier to topstitch hems on narrow sleeves or pant legs when I’m sewing on the inside of the leg or sleeve, like so:
Topstitch your jean hem |
That’s it! Your hem is done!


Sew Belt Loops

Because the Jamie Jeans are mid-rise, I find that they sit high enough on my hips to eliminate any need for a belt. Wear your Jamie Jeans once or twice for a few hours before you decide to add belt loops.
If you’re sewing belt loops, serge the long raw edges of your belt loop panel. Fold one serged edge on top of the other and press well.
Serge the long edges of your belt loops and press |
Topstitch along both long edges of your belt loop panel with a 1/8” seam allowance.
Topstitch the belt loops |
Now, cut your belt loop panel into five equal lengths. I cut each belt loop to a length of 2 3/4”. Make sure to take into account which belts you’d like to wear with your Jamie Jeans. Adjust the length of your belt loops accordingly.
Cut out five belt loops of the same length |
Make five markings on your waistband. One at the center back, two at the center front seams, and two halfway marks between the front seams and center back markings. These will be the placement of your five belt loops.
Change your stitch settings to a narrow and short zig zag stitch. Fold the top of each belt loop over 1/4” and secure the belt loop to the jeans with the zig zag stitch. Repeat for the bottom of each belt loop.
Sew the belt loops onto your jeans |
That’s it! Today’s post was a quick one to get you into your jeans and feeling totally proud. And you should…you just sewed jeans!


Show Off Your Jeans!

Here’s the final version of my Jamie Jeans:
Finished Jamie Jeans!  |
Now, let’s take a quick look at the total transformation.
Final jeans transformation |
I’m smitten with my new jeans. They’re comfortably snug and quite flattering. I can’t wait to make another pair. What I thought may have been a lost cause turned out to be my favorite home sewn creation yet!
But what we really want is to see your Jamie Jeans! Upload your Jamie Jeans creation and leave any tips or tricks for your fellow sewists. And don’t forget to tag your final social media images with #jamiejeanssewalong!
Thanks so much for sewing along with us. Next week we’re back to our normal scheduled programming. And stay tuned because the Summer Collection is coming your way very soon!

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