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It's Sew Your Own Swimwear Week!

By Allie

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Maybe you had high hopes of sewing your own swimsuit this summer. But it’s already August, the weather is beautiful, and your schedule is packed to the gills. You haven't had time to sit down and pick out a sewing pattern or source fabric and supplies. But each time you pull on those threadbare, see-through bathing suit bottoms, you know it’s time for some new swimmers.
I’m here to help. This week at Indiesew, we’re giving you the inspiration, resources, and a good old-fashioned sale to get you back in the sewing saddle. Within a day or two, you'll have a new handmade bathing suit you absolutely love.
So let’s see what’s happening:


Pattern Sale!

To help get you in the swimsuit mood, our swimwear sewing patterns will be discounted by 20%! Use coupon code SWIM2015 at checkout through Sunday, August 9 at 10 p.m. MDT to receive the discount. To help you decide on a pattern, here’s what’s in our pattern lineup:


Bombshell by Closet Case Files

The Bombshell is a ruched, retro swimsuit with options for a gathered bust, a halter neck, and a high-waisted bottom.

Bombshell Swimming Suit | Sewing Pattern by Closet Case Files
Sewn in a bright solid or fun print, this swimming suit provides a ton of coverage and a flattering design. | Swimwear Sewing Patterns by Indie Designer

Beverly Twisted Bikini by Named

The Beverly Twisted Bikini is a two-piece swimsuit with twisted details, a fully lined bikini top, and mid-rise bottoms. 

Beverly Twisted Bikini | Sewing Pattern by Named Clothing
This bikini gives you the chance to mix or match the bottoms or top with swimwear you currently own. | Sew Your Own Beverly Twisted Bikini


Nautilus Swimsuit by Seamstress erin

Brand new to the pattern shop, the Nautilus Swimsuit is a fully lined one- or two-piece swimsuit with front twist detail and two bottom options. 

Nautilus Swimsuit Sewing Pattern by Seamstress Erin
Sewn in our Olive Nylon/Lycra Swimwear fabric, this suit will stay put in the water and on the beach.
Indiesew Swimwear Week | Nautilus Swimsuit


New Swimwear Fabrics

Just for this event, I’ve added two new swimwear fabrics to the fabric shop. These swimwear fabrics are high quality with four-way stretch and excellent recovery. There’s limited yardage of both, so get the Olive Green Nylon Lycra and the Navy Blue Nylon Lycra while they’re still available! 

Indiesew Fabric Shop | Nylon Lycra Swimwear Fabrics


Tutorial and Resources

I’ll admit that sewing swimwear can be daunting. So I've written a tutorial for what can be the hardest part of sewing a swimsuit: inserting the swimwear elastic. With a few simple steps, you’ll have beautiful, smooth elastic finishes on your bathing suit. Stay tuned as that post goes up later this week.

How to Sew with Swimwear Elastic | Indiesew Tutorials

Plus, I’ll be listing off resources for places to source the tough-to-find supplies for sewing swimwear. I’ll be filling you in on my favorite shops to buy swimwear fabrics, linings, elastics, and closures.

If you’ve sewn a swimming suit from one of the patterns we offer, upload your creation and offer some inspiration to your fellow sewists. Make sure you’re following us on Instagram and Facebook this week as we offer daily swimsuit goodness to get you started on your own.

Happy swimwear sewing!

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