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Introducing More Sizes: Kila Tank

By Allie

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I'm super excited to tell you that the Kila Tank sewing pattern has been revamped with ten new sizes! The Kila Tank was my fourth sewing pattern, launched about a year ago in my original 0 through 18 size chart. But now, it's available in sizes 0 through 30, with two cup sizes to choose from!

And to celebrate, the Kila Tank pattern and all of our rib knit fabrics are 20% off through Sunday, August 25th with coupon code NEWKILA

See the Kila Tank >

I've been listening to the recent conversations in the sewing community around size inclusivity and have been working hard to add more sizes to my designs. I am so glad to finally have one of my patterns available in a more inclusive range!

Here are the new size charts for the pattern. Notice that sizes 12 through 18 overlap with two cup options. The straps of the D-Cup size range are 1/4" wider to cover full-coverage bra straps.

Kila Tank Inclusive Size Chart |

The model below is 5'9" and her measurements are roughly 44" bust, 36" waist, 48" hip. Here she wears a size 18 Kila Tank in the D-Cup size range. This tank is sewn in our Heather Grey Luxe Rib Knit.

Kila Tank Size 18 | Indiesew Plus Size Patterns

Kila Tank Sewing Pattern | Allie Olson

The Kila Tank looks great worn on its own, tucked into high waisted skirts and jeans. But it's also perfect as a layering tank under button-up shirts, as a workout top, or as pajamas.

Red Kila Tank | Extended Sizing on Indiesew.comThis tank sewn in our Brick Red Luxe Rib Knit. Worn with the Wrapped Cardigan in the second photo.


What else has changed?

With the sizing update, the Kila Tank now has pre-measured armhole and neckline bindings with notches for easier sewing. 


What fabric should I use?

The Kila Tank is intended for rib knit fabrics, but we've found that any stretchy knit fabric with good recovery is suitable for this design. Fabrics with at least 60% four-way stretch and some spandex content are ideal.

Rayon/spandex and cotton/spandex blends tend to result in the best fit. 100% cotton fabrics are not recommended for this design as they don't have the recovery needed for binding the necklines and armholes.

Shop Rib Knit Fabrics >

Indiesew Rib Knit Fabrics

We currently have four rib knit fabrics in the shop that are ideal for this design and they are all 20% off through Sunday, August 25th with coupon code NEWKILA. Our two Luxe Rib Knits have been especially popular over the last year and now is a great time to snag them at a great deal!

Here are the fabric requirements for all sizes:

Kila Tank Sewing Pattern | Fabric Requirements


Kila Tank Creations

The Kila Tank has been a popular pattern this summer! Check out #kilatank and these Kila Tank creations.

Kila Tank Creations | Allie Olson Sewing PatternsKaylee's Casual Kila / Patricia's Floral KilaMichelle's Rust Kila


I already purchased the Kila Tank. Do I get the new version?

Yes, all customers who previously purchased the Kila Tank will have access to the new pattern. To download it:

  • Navigate to My Account (you'll need to log-in again)
  • Click on the My Orders tab
  • Navigate to your order that contains the Kila Tank sewing pattern
  • Click on that order and click the download button to get the new pattern!

Later this week we'll have more Kila Tank inspiration for you, along with some useful pattern hacks over the next few weeks! Stay tuned!

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The Kila Tank now has ten new sizes! This Allie Olson pattern is available in sizes 0 through 30, with B- and D-Cup options. |

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