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Introducing Fabric Batch #013: Harvest Moon

By Allie

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Indiesew Fabric Batch #013: Harvest Moon

I’ve been antsy to release this particular fabric batch since these textiles landed on my doorstep. I just love amber and navy mixed with a rich emerald green. These four fabrics combined are the recipe for some lovely handmade clothing.

And, in fact, the showstopper of this particular fabric batch was a last minute, out-of-the-corner-of-my-eye find. I saw the auburn red color peeking out from a lopsided stack of fabric bolts. A kind man removed it from the leaning pile for me (this is no small feat) and I immediately fell in love.

When checking out I was told that a particularly well-known US fashion brand (cough…Nasty Gal) used this exact fabric for their After Party collection. And we got the last of it. Score.

Without further ado, meet Harvest Moon:


Carnelian Abstract Floral Crepe (Sold Out)

Carnelian Floral Crepe Fabric | Indiesew Fabric Shop

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen. Our Carnelian Abstract Floral Crepe has grey and tan flowers set against a deep auburn red background. I initially fell in love with the wrong side of this fabric, which offers a more muted color palette. Sara is shown here wearing her Fen Dress sewn in this exact fabric. 


Navy Rayon Tencel Twill

Navy Blue Rayon Tencel | Indiesew Fabric

An almost identical substrate to our olive and blush rayon/tencel blends, this Navy Rayon Tencel Twill features a twill weave for an incredibly soft hand. This mid-weight fabric has great drape, making it perfect for blouses, dresses, and skirts. Being completely opaque, there's no need to line garments when sewing with this fabric.


Sea Green Plaid Flannel

Plaid Flannel from Indiesew | Sea Green

It’s just the start of plaid flannel season, so there will be more where this came from. This lovely Sea Green Plaid Flannel fabric is super cozy! Perfect for button up shirts or pajama pants, this plaid is stable and well suited for the beginner sewist.


Emerald Waterproof CANVAS

Emerald Waterproof Canvas | DIY Outerwear

One of the more unique fabrics I’ve come across, this Emerald Waterproof Canvas is ideal for rain jackets and outerwear. Just look at how water beads up on the surface! Similar in hand and weight to waxed canvas, this cotton blend features a rich emerald green color.

Interested in any of these fabrics? Order soon, as there will be a four-day shipping delay starting this Thursday, September 22. And you won’t want to wait to get these lovelies home, in the wash, and on your cutting table.

Happy sewing!

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