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Introducing Fabric Batch #012: Electric Ave

By Allie

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Indiesew Fabric Batch | Electric Ave

If you hadn’t noticed, we love a black and white color palette here at Indiesew. The two colors are neutral, timeless, and easy to mix with other shades. Throw in a dynamic shade of fuchsia and you have a stimulating color palette perfect for a night on the town.

Meet our newest fabric batch, Electric Ave. It’s named as such partially because I couldn’t get that 1980’s song out of my head while photographing these lovely textiles. And partly because a fuchsia that high in intensity can’t be named anything other than electric. It just is.

Let’s take a closer look:


Black Floral Silk Chiffon

Indiesew Fabric | Black Floral Silk Chiffon

This Black Floral Silk Chiffon fabric is pure 100% silk lightweight luxury. Tulip-shaped flowers adorn a black background. This fabric is very sheer and will require a lining if sewing a garment.


Black and Cream Jacquard

Black and Cream Jacquard Fabric |

Perfect for skirts and dresses, our Black and Cream Jacquard fabric features a unique double-sided design. Aimee sewed the Chi-Town Chino skirt in this fine fabric.


Black Geometric Cotton Eyelet

Black Geometric Eyelet | Indiesew Fabric Sho

This 100% cotton Black Geometric Eyelet fabric is perfect for those who love geometric prints. The black fabric features a chevron design. This fabric is very stable and well suited for the beginner sewist. 


Fuchsia Upcycled Broadcloth

Fuchsia Upcycled Broadcloth | Sustainable Fabric from Indiesew

This outerwear fabric is not only water resistant, but it's made from 100% plastic water bottles. Our Fuchsia Upcycled Broadcloth is R-PET with a cire finish that makes it down proof as well. We sewed the Parkside Shorts in this unique fabric.


Black Upcycled Broadcloth

Eco-Friendly Fabric | Black Upcycled Broadcloth

A different colorway of the fuchsia version, this Black Upcyled Broadcloth is made in Japan. See how water beads on the surface of this fabric? That makes it ideal for rain jackets and backpacks.

Yardage of this particular fabric batch is limited, so grab yours today. In fact, these five fabrics are the last of our “small cuts” inventory, so you’ll notice much more fabric inventory in the future.

Happy sewing!

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