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Introducing Fabric Batch #010: Tropicale

By Allie

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Introducing Tropicale | Indiesew Fabric Shop

Hot summer weather means lightweight, flowy fabrics are a 100% necessity. Fibers that breathe, like rayon and silk, are mandatory. And silhouettes that are loose and drapey take precedence over anything fitted.

For our tenth fabric batch, we’ve curated a collection of five fabrics that are the epitome of what summer handmade fashion should be. They’re beach-themed and coordinate to create a color palette of ocean blues and sandy browns. Meet Tropicale:


Tropical Palms Rayon Sateen (SOLD OUT)

Tropical Palms Rayon Satin Fabric

The fabric that inspired the name of this batch is truly one-of-a-kind. Our Tropical Palms Rayon Sateen shows off large palm leaves, tiger lily blossoms, and other beachy flora. This fabric is 100% rayon with a satin weave, making it ideal for blouses and dresses.


Terra Cotta Dobby Rayon

Terra Cotta Dobby Rayon Fabric

Our Terra Cotta Dobby Rayon fabric is lightweight, flowing, and exactly what summertime garments should be made of. A dobby texture makes this rayon/Tencel blend a unique find for sewing up tank tops and blouses. This fine fabric is sheer, so a lining may be necessary for some garments.


Blue Waves Silk Twill (REMNANT AVAILABLE)

Blue Waves Silk Twill Fabric

It's not often you see a flowing silk fabric in a twill weave, but the result is quite possibly the perfect apparel fabric for summer garments. This Blue Waves Silk Twill is completely opaque, but breathable and drapey. A wave motif provides color gradation that is ideal for handmade blouses, skirts, and dresses. Check out the Colfax Dress sewn in this fabric (pictured right).


Indigo Midweight Chambray (SOLD OUT)

Indigo Midweight Chambray Fabric

Ideal for structured shorts, dresses, and skirts, our Indigo Midweight Chambray is ideal for the beginner sewist. This woven fabric is extremely stable and 100% cotton.


Clay and White Crosshatch Gauze (REMNANT AVAILABLE)

Clay and White Crosshatch Gauze Fabric

Our Clay and White Crosshatch Gauze is 100% cotton fabric that’s sheer and breathable. It’s perfect for layering blouses under structured fall jackets. This fabric will require a lining if used in a dress or skirt. Please note: this fabric was a test print for a fashion designer, so the selvages may vary in width. 

We’re clearing out the remainder of overstock fabric before we head to LA, so the yardage for this collection is extremely limited and will not be restocked. Grab yours before it’s gone!

Happy sewing! 

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