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Introducing Fabric Batch #008: Nightfall

By Allie

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Indiesew Fabric Batch #008: Nightfall

Have you ever spent a night in the desert? Have you experienced the warm, rusty glow of the sun as it dips below the horizon? Have you felt the cool desert air slip over your body as white tinkling stars dot a jet black sky? Nighttime in the desert is magical, mysterious, and entirely enveloping. Our newest fabric batch, Nightfall, is inspired by that experience.

Five new apparel fabrics are here and these are perhaps our most unique yet. Southwest-inspired motifs and exotic prints are available in five completely different substrates. These overstock fabrics are very limited in yardage, so if you see something you like, grab it before it sells out!


Black and White Woven Shot Cotton

Black and White Woven Shot Cotton | Indiesew Fabric

White threads weave a Southwestern motif into our Black and White Yarn Dyed Shot Cotton. Heavier than a voile or lawn, but not as heavy as canvas, this shot cotton is ideal for fitted dresses and skirts. I’m dreaming up a new handbag in this fabric paired with leather!


Abstract Animal Print Georgette

Abstract Animal Print Georgette Fabric

I struggled to name this unique fabric, as I couldn’t quite discern whether it looked decidedly more animal print or more like abstract brush strokes. Whatever we call it, it’s certainly striking. Black, grey, mustard, and sandstone play across a blush-colored background in our Abstract Animal Print Georgette. This fabric is ideal for the intermediate sewist.


Inkblot Loose Weave Rayon Challis

Inkblot Loose Weave Rayon Challis Fabric

This Inkblot Rayon Challis fabric is perfect for soft scarves and flowing blouses and features a more open weave than most variations of this substrate. A black and grey inkblot motif gives this textile a unique appearance. This fabric is semi-sheer and will require a lining if sewing a dress or skirt.


Southwest Geometric Silk Chiffon

Southwest Geometric Silk Chiffon Fabric

This airy Southwest Geometric Silk Chiffon is ideal for summertime blouses. A sandstone Southwestern motif is set against a cream-colored background. This fabric is sheer and will require a lining if sewing a dress or skirt. This fabric is intended for the intermediate or advanced sewist.


Black and White Yarn-Dyed Linen | Black and White Yarn Dyed Linen Fabric

Very similar to our blue and white variety, this Black and White Yarn Dyed Linen features contrasting dyed threads to create a visually interesting design. The Ultimate Trousers pictured right are sewn in this fabric and it was the ideal pairing. This fabric is very stable and well-suited for the beginner sewist.

Hop on over to the Indiesew Fabric Shop and snag the textiles you love most from this fabric batch! If you’re looking for pattern suggestions for these fabrics, leave your questions below and I’ll offer my ideas!

Happy sewing!

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