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Indiesew's First Charity Sample Sale is Live!

By Allie

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Did you know that we sew a sample of every single sewing pattern you see in the Indiesew Pattern Shop? We do this to test the pattern instructions and drafting, create a cohesive shopping experience, and make sure the design is in line with our brand aesthetic. It’s our version of quality control.
Roughly ten passionate sewists help us with this enormous task. They’re some of the most skilled seamstresses I’ve ever met and their dedication to creating stunning garments is unmatched. We are so incredibly grateful for their help over the past three years.
But now that we have over 300 indie sewing patterns for sale, that means we have a lot of samples hanging in our closet. In fact, there’s too many to wear! So instead of dropping these beauties off at the thrift store where we’re not sure they would get the love and admiration they deserve, we’ve decided to auction them off for charity!
These items are fully sewn garments and most are in excellent condition and have never been worn or worn very little. All of these samples are roughly a size Small or US size 2/4. There are a few smaller samples and a few that will fit up to a size medium.
We’re first offering 25 one-of-a-kind sample garments in this auction to see how it goes. We have nearly 100 more garments that we’ll release seasonally if this auction goes well. Here's a look at some of what's up for grabs:


The Samples

Indiesew's Charity Sample Auction

View the Auction >

But the best part? Nearly all of the proceeds from this sale will go to charity! We’re holding back just 25% of the sale revenue to cover our the eBay and PayPal fees and our labor costs to set up the auction and to ship the products to you. That means 75% of every sale will go straight to charity!

How does it work?

We’re using eBay for Charity to facilitate the auction of these samples, which works just like a normal eBay auction. The bidding for each item will start at $5 and there’s no reserve price! There is a higher Buy It Now price that will allow you to purchase the item outright if you prefer. The Buy It Now prices are only a fraction of what this item is actually worth, so they’re still a great deal!
Simply place your bid for an item if you’re interested. You’ll be notified if you’ve been outbid, and you can choose to place a higher bid if you prefer.
The auction will end on Sunday, August 27th at 1pm MT and items will ship the following week.



Each item will ship individually in a USPS Flat Rate Padded Envelope for a flat cost of $7.20. If you win or buy multiple items, we’re happy to consolidate shipping and refund the difference in shipping costs to you. If this is the case, please contact Angie (angie [at] indiesew [dot] com) as soon as you been notified that you’ve won the auction to arrange these details.
Unfortunately, due to high international shipping costs, this auction is only open to  buyers in the United States. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Participating Charities

We’ve picked three great charities to donate to the proceeds to. The charities are:
Indiesew Sample Sale | Humane Society
Children's Miracle Network | Indiesew Charity
Indiesew Sample Sale | American Cancer Society

Each item description will note which charity the proceeds will be donated to.


Share With Your Friends!

We know that most of you reading this are avid seamstresses who may prefer to sew your garments rather than buy them. If that's the case, we encourage you to share the link below with your friends who want to support ethical, sustainable fashion, but who don't sew.


Share this Link >


These garments were lovingly made here in the US and each sale goes to a support a great charity that is very near and dear to our hearts. Thank you in advance for your support!

Happy bidding!

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