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Indiesew is Reality

By Allie

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Allie and Steve |

So folks. We did it. We started a business. Blood, sweat and tears have brought us to a most monumental moment of unveiling what can only be described as our dreams becoming 100% reality. It's cliché. But it feels good to do what we know to be the only thing our hearts beat for. Creativity and collaboration.

What is all of this you ask? Good question. And just how do you put innovation in the sewing world into concise words? I'm not sure, but here's our attempt:

Allie has been sewing since age seven (with a good decade long hiatus thrown in there for good measure). She's made quilts, clothing, and everything in between. It wasn't until her mid twenties that she realized how much she craved creativity. How she needed to be making something to be happy. Soon she talked about sewing passionately and literally thought about it all the time. She started a sewing blog that became her obsession. She became involved in the online sewing community and felt like she found where she belonged.

But she noticed something. The online sewing community was disjointed. The number of independent pattern makers was growing exponentially right alongside the number of sewing bloggers. Flickr groups were exploding, and Instagram was the ubiquitous platform for sharing sewing creations. But nothing brought it all together. Finding a fellow sewer you loved was hard work, and it was easy to lose track of your favorites across multiple platforms. The digital sewing world needed to unite.

Allie met up with her classmate, Steve, and together they decided this idea was worth exploring further. Steve took the tech reins, developing our site from scratch in record time. While Allie remained the designer, making sure the site fit the aesthetic she continues to have such a hard time articulating. Together we've created something we're insanely proud of.

Our attempt to unite a disjointed community is starting with women's fashion. There are so many of you making awesome skirts, dresses, and tops. You're creating original clothing from scratch or putting your twist on a tried and true sewing pattern. You're thinking outside of the box by using new materials and techniques. You're all single-handedly innovating the sewing world. We want to encourage that.

Indiesew was born out of a desire to bring makers together and promote independent designers. There are more features coming that support our mission to cultivate creativity and support small business. This is just our first step into the arena.

For now we invite you to take a look around the site, and check out what your favorite designers are up to. Create a profile if the feeling strikes. Share your photos from your latest creation. Are you already a blogger? Go you. Bring over your blog content and photos into Indiesew and sit back and enjoy more traffic to your blog.

Go make something and connect with people who appreciate the fine work of sewing your own clothing.

We're celebrating makers here, by bringing it together.

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