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How We Wear It: The Tank Dress by Sew Caroline

By Allie

Allie is the co-founder of Indiesew and creator of all things pretty on the site. Follow Allie and receive other Indiesew updates by subscribing to the blog. Blog | How We Wear It: The Tank Dress by Sew Caroline

Welcome to Indiesew’s new blog series, How We Wear It, where we hope to offer some wardrobe inspiration for your handmade clothing. Every item we sell in the Indiesew shop will eventually be accompanied by one of these style posts so that you can envision how your new clothing will transition well into the four seasons.

We know how empowering it can be to sew our own clothing, but sometimes those clothes can scream, “I made this!” and not always in a good way. Often it’s the result of the wrong fabric or poor fit, but sometimes a handmade piece of clothing is tough to wear without some inspiration. Well here it is. Inspiration for the Sew Caroline Tank Dress. Served up summer style.

Still need to purchase your Tank Dress by Sew Caroline pattern? No worries, you can do that here.

Sew Caroline’s Tank Dress is a simple sleeveless dress perfect for hot weather. I’ve been wearing mine for months now as it layers wonderfully on cooler spring days. My tank dress is sewed up in a lightweight woven that breathes well. Blog | How We Wear It: The Tank Dress by Sew Caroline, side shot Blog | How We Wear It: Sew Caroline's Tank Dress, front shot with scarf

An elastic waistband is encased in the back of the dress and it creates a lovely hourglass shape. This, I’ve realized, is super flattering for all types of derriéres. Thank you Caroline. Blog | How We Wear It: Tank Dress Pattern, encased elastic

The Tank Dress also features bias bound necklines and armholes. I used cream colored bias tape to finish the armholes, neckline, and hem (blog tutorial on that here!). I’m absolutely smitten with the finished product! Blog | How We Wear It: Tank Dress Pattern, bias bound armhole

I’ve been pairing my tank dress with a lightweight summer scarf to add some visual interest. Square scarves work great for this. Just fold them in half on the diagonal and wrap around your neck, and tuck the ends under the front of the scarf. Scarves that have fringe or pom-poms take the outfit up even one more notch. Blog | How We Wear It: Sew Caroline Tank Dress, sitting

A pair of simple flats are my go-to shoe for casual dresses like this. These grey, suede, pointy-toe flats dress it up without compromising comfort or functionality. This get-up is my run around town and get stuff done outfit simply because it’s so easy to move in. Blog | How We Wear It: Sew Caroline Tank Dress, with leather jacket

On nights when I want to get a little fancy I throw a leather jacket over my Tank Dress. Keep the scarf on and add a pair of statement earrings and I’m guessing you’ll turn some heads. Add a pair of low heels if the feeling strikes. Blog | How We Wear It: Tank Dress Pattern by Sew Caroline, styled for evening

I’d love to see how you’ve styled the Tank Dress. Upload your creation to the Tank Dress by Sew Caroline product page. Also, help out your fellow sewist and leave a review of the product.

Happy Sewing!

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