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How We Wear It: The Opal Cardigan

By Allie

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It seems like my tolerance for cold weather decreases a little bit more each year. The older I get the more it affects me – has this happened to anyone else? I know plenty of people who wear long underwear or tights under their jeans on a daily basis in the winter, but I’ve never been able to get used to doing that. But a lot of times I’ll feel cold on my commute, but then way too hot when I’m at work and vice versa in the summer time.

Thus, I really like wearing cardigans. Not only are they great for layering, but also for times when the weather can’t make up its mind, the air-conditioner at work is set too high, or the heat is blazing.

I keep the thermostat set pretty low in my apartment in the wintertime. On really chilly days, when I’m trying not to give in to the desire to turn it up, I swaddle myself in sweaters, scarves, and cardigans.

I only have a few cardigans in my closet and the Opal Cardigan from Paprika Patterns fills a huge gap. This design can transition between a traditional cardigan and a lightweight “coatigan” depending on what type of knit fabric you choose.


Indiesew Cardigan Week | Opal

Sew it up with a lighter sweater knit for a very cozy and slouchy cardigan. The heavyweight, textured knit I’ve used here provides more structure, giving it a sleek silhouette. You better believe I’ll be making a cozy, winter-hibernation version ASAP!

Opal Cardigan Back | Indiesew Cardigan Week


I loved that so many variations were included in this pattern. The Opal Cardigan includes three lengths: hip length, mid-thigh (which is the version I sewed here), and a longer ankle version. Additionally, there are elbow and long sleeve options, three neckline choices, and two pocket variations.

Paprika Patterns | Opal Cardigan Sewing Pattern

The center front and collar are finished with bands and the bottom seam is finished before it is hemmed. All in all, placing the pockets took the most time (well, and some unpicking and resewing of my topstitching).

Opal Cardigan Sleeve Cuff | Indiesew Blog

If you choose a heavyweight fabric, I recommend finishing the raw edges of your pattern pieces before sewing pieces together to reduce bulk in the seams. I didn’t use a serger on this pattern, but I found that my regular machine handled the fabric just fine.

Opal Coatigan Sewing Pattern by Paprika Patterns


If you do plan to use your serger for this pattern, check out Four Tips for Serging Bulky Knit Fabrics beforehand.

Make sure to check out the Opal Cardigan, as well as the other cardigans and blazers, in the Indiesew Pattern Shop. Use coupon code FALLCARDIGANS16 at checkout to receive 15% off these patterns through October 2!

Happy sewing!

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