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How We Wear It: The Lodo Dress by True Bias

By Allie

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Lodo Dress | Sewing Pattern by True Bias


Lodo Dress Side and Back | Indiesew BlowHow We Wear It | Lodo Dress

Lodo Dress Paired with Leather Jacket

Another stellar sewing pattern by True Bias is now available! The Lodo Dress is a subtly cocooned-shape dress with two length options. View A is midi length dress with a slit at the center back. View B (which I’m showing here) is an above-knee length dress with no slit. 

Both versions have a deep V-neckline and armholes that are finished with woven facings (trust me, it totally works). This dress requires surprisingly little fabric and sews up in a snap. From start to finish, I think I had this dress finished in under two hours.

I sewed a straight size 6, even though my bust and waist put me into a size 2. I didn’t want the dress to pull or ride up around my hips, but I was worried that grading out two sizes at the hips might jeopardize the cocoon-shape of the dress.

Since this pattern calls for a stable knit, I figured that sewing a straight size 6 would still work without drowning out my upper body. And it did! I’m so glad I made the decision to size up.

Surprisingly this dress has been in weekly rotation in my wardrobe. I like wearing dresses, but not on a daily basis for working at home. I usually only put on a dress if I’m going out for dinner or to hang out with friends.

But with the Lodo Dress, I’ve been wearing it at home at least one day per week. This Admiral Blue Scuba Knit fabric has 40% stretch so it’s insanely comfortable. Plus, this fabric looks great no matter how long I’ve bunch hunched over my desk.

During the week, I tend to throw on a pair of sandals and a necklace with my Lodo. This simple design is so chic, it looks like I’ve spent more time getting ready than I have.

If I’m going out to dinner, I’ll throw on my favorite wedges and a leather jacket. I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten when I wear this out, far more than any other handmade item I’ve sewn!

So, let’s talk a minute about this Admiral Blue Scuba Knit (don’t worry there’s more yardage coming soon!). This is a unique scuba knit with a soft jersey finish on one side. Fun fact: This fabric was overstock from the set of the new Baywatch movie.

The fabric has a tiny bit of drape (more than a traditional scuba or neoprene), making it ideal for this design. It has a bit more stretch than the pattern calls for, but it still works because the fabric is so stable and the recovery is incredible.

Like a normal scuba knit, it’s thick and spongey, so it smooths over the body beautifully. This fabric would also be ideal for a fitted design like the Charleston Dress or Axel Skirt.

Right now, I’m in LA sourcing more fabric for the Indiesew Fabric Shop. I’ll be back next week with an update on what I’ve found!

If you would like to know when this fabric is restocked, be sure to follow us on Instagram. We post all of our fabric restocks in our Instagram Stories.

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